Denise Diaz

Site Manager, Amsterdam

Joining our team in 2001, Denise credits Original Works for changing her life and making her the honest, hard worker she is today.  Prior to Original Works, Denise worked as a waitress where she loved the interaction she had with her customers.  Throughout her career at Original Works, Denise has continued to shine and grow and most recently was promoted to Site Manager at our Amsterdam facility where she oversees the day to day operations of producing art fundraiser products.

In her free time, Denise enjoys playing BINGO and games on her iPad.  She also likes catching up on her recorded TV shows.

Fun Facts:

  • Where is one place you’d love to visit? I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii. I hope that one day I can make it there.
  • What’s in your coffee? OMG must I really say that I put 10 sugars 10 creamers in my coffee yikes!!
  • I never leave home without my … I am sure this was almost everyone’s answer my cell phone
  • Favorite movie? Oh that’s easy Beaches.
  • Use one word to describe yourself… I know this may sound cocky but there is not one single word to best describe me. I am first and for most Loyal, Honest, Dedicated, Compassionate, Generous, Dependable, Reliable, Hard Working, Grateful, Emotional, Sensitive, and Caring those where the good things about me. Now,  I can also be Tough, Stubborn, and  if I had to put all this in on word it would be WARRIOR!