Donna Dodd-Thomas

Sales Associate

In 2011 Donna came on board as part of our Sales Team, working with schools and school fundraising across the country.  Donna brings to Original Works many years’ experience as an executive working in New Business Development & Marketing, for both Architectural & Engineering firms.   Donna has also worked with NGO’s serving emerging nations around the globe.

An avid gardener, summertime finds Donna decorating her porch with urns, baskets and pots of beautiful annual flowers.   Always busy planning her next project, this spring she will be planting a variety of annuals in a vintage ceramic butter churn from her family’s dairy farm.

Fun Facts:

  • Where is one place you’d love to visit? Castles in Europe
  • What’s in your coffee? Hazelnut Creamer
  • I never leave home without my …  Make-up and Hair styled
  • Favorite Movie? Too many to list …
  • Use one word to describe yourself…  Only one word?   That’s difficult … gracious, fun-loving, and outgoing!