Kim Sapienza

Sales Associate

Building strong and lasting relationships has always been the reining priority throughout my professional and personal life. Bringing over 35 years of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service experience to this position along with a high energy level and ability to be flexible has always allowed me to be effective quickly in any situation. Gaining skills and working along the way in the hospitality, technology, legal and health care industries has made my life continuously interesting and well rounded.

Whether it’s meeting new people, understanding new ways of doing things or finding solutions to a problem or need, providing a service and helping people by making connections will continue to be my major focus and will remain forefront in my life and career.  Thinking creatively and “outside the box” never hurts either.

Fun Facts:

Where is one place you’d love to visit? Australia!!!

What’s in your coffee?   French Vanilla coffee for me, please!

I never leave home without my… Positive Attitude!

Favorite Movie? Grand Canyon. It reminds me that much of what happens in this life is out of our control. Our world can change in an instant and I never take “ANYTHING” for granted. 

Use one word to describe yourself…  Adventurous!