Lisa McCorry Hall

Corporate Treasurer

Lisa joined Original Works when we were just getting started as an art fundraising company.  If you purchased a magnet in the early days, most likely Lisa was the person who made it.  As the company continued to grow, so did Lisa’s role.  Lisa attended SUNY Albany and transitioned to the Financial side of the company. Now 25 years later although her trimming days are in the past, Lisa remains an integral part of our Team as Corporate Treasurer.

Fun Facts:

Where is one place you’d love to visit?   California

What’s in your coffee?   ½ & ½, Sweet ‘n Low   “yes, I realize this is an oxymoron”

I never leave home without my …  ID (because I’m a runner, and if I keel over dead – or almost dead – whoever finds me will need to know who I am and that I have health insurance.)

Favorite Movie?  Jaws

Use one word to describe yourself…   Jerseygirl