SBYB Enhanced E-Marketing Kit

Original Works
Enhanced Digital Marketing Kit


Use this video to any chance you get! Share it on your personal and school’s social media pages. Show it to parents, fellow teachers, and administrators when they have questions about what type of fundraiser you are running.

Social Media Timeline for
Art Teachers & Schools


Use this as your guide on how to create engagement and share the memories of your Original Works program.

As a Loyalty Works member we want you to be the example of how special and awesome our community truly is because your students’ creativity brings life to our products.

First, check with your school’s administration regarding the social media policy.

Second, if you have your own personal account follow and like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. If you do not use your personal accounts to share work-related posts, inquire with your school’s administration about posting information related to your fundraising program.


Use Hashtags to connect with us and the larger art teacher community!







Social Media Posts For
Every Step Of Your Program!

When You Sign Up

Screenshot of your confirmation email and tell our community how excited you are to run the program!
Raising funds for a special program or trip? Now would be a good time to reveal the purpose of your fundraiser!

Deadlines To Promote

  • Look What’s Coming Letter
  • Ship Date
  • Custom Dear Family Letter

Use the Dr. Seuss Meme Library as your resource to promote your program throughout every step of the process. When you have an approaching deadline, start your outreach no later than a week prior.

  • Gather students around a table to open the supply box.
  • Take pictures of them ripping it open like they do a present on their birthdays!
  • For those feeling bold, a video is a great way to capture their reactions.
  • If you can’t take pictures, our Dr. Seuss Meme Library is a great resource!
Create Day

  • Take as many pictures or videos of your little artists’ creating their masterpieces!
  • Focus on them, the paper, and colors they are using
  • If you are looking to inspire your students, use our Dr. Seuss Meme Library to get their creative juices flowing!

Collection Time

  • Select a few masterpieces the week before the artwork is set to go home and post them!
  • Get your parents excited about seeing their little artists’ masterpieces!
  • Save a few images of your favorite products from our product page to show parents how awesome their child’s artwork will look on a keepsake item!

Ship It Back To OW!

  • Check out our how-to-guides and videos featuring the proper way to organize your school’s artwork
  • Make sure you are stacking the orders grade by grade. Then you can reveal which grade has the most orders coming in!
  • Bringing them to a UPS store? Document the trip with pictures and videos! We love to know your on-time and on-schedule!
  • They made it back! All the way from Upstate New York!
  • Take a picture of all the boxes that have come back to you!
  • Show off some your artists creations! 
  • Did you raise funds for a new playground or art supplies?
  • Let us know how you did in meeting your goal, who knows you could be featured as a STAND OUT Teacher or program!

How-To Video Library

Meme LIbrary

Create Your Own Dr. Seuss Meme

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