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Online Ordering Program
Your profits are just a click away with our Online Ordering Program. This exciting program offers students and families the opportunity to view their artwork in a virtual gallery, display it on various products, and then make purchases online in a safe and completely secure environment.
  1. Create great art using our full size 8 ½” x 11” art paper (30% larger than the competition), then submit it to us for scanning and uploading into your virtual school gallery.
  2. Send the full color, a customized flyer to home with each child. Each flyer includes the child’s ordering detail, artwork image and product information.
  3. Order online or by phone. No need to handle orders or money!
  4. Distribute orders, which arrive just 12 days after we receive them, all organized and ready to share.

Continue to earn by placing additional orders through the year and receiving full credit for each one.

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Ready to start your Online Program? Click below and complete our quick online reservation form. 

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  • START by using the 8 ½” x 11” art paper (30% larger than the competition) we supply free of charge.
  • ADD fun to the process by using specific themes or lessons.
  • USE bright bold colors and wide borders.  Markers, tempera and water color paints work well.
  • FILL the entire paper edge-to-edge for best reproduction of the artwork on our products.
  • CONSULT our ART GUIDELINES and take advantage of the dozens of free LESSON PLANS we offer.
Showcase each student

Once the artwork is completed, it is sent to Original Works where it is scanned, uploaded and displayed in the gallery.  Each student is made to feel like an accomplished artist as they and their families take a virtual tour of the school gallery. Clicking on their child’s artwork allows families to view products featuring the artwork before placing orders online.


  • Publicize the program in the school newsletter, on the daily announcements, etc.
  • Follow the tips offered in our e-Marketing Kit to promote the program.
  • Showcase our striking sample products and eye-catching posters in the display case, office and other high traffic areas.
  • Our regular mail notifications make it easy to plan, promote and administer your program.

  • Orders are placed directly online using a credit card or eCheck. Printed manual order forms are also available for families who prefer not to place orders online.
  • All orders are transmitted directly to Original Works. This eliminates order handling and payment collection for the school or organization.  Orders are then packaged by class and grade for easy distribution.
  • The completed orders arrive in 12 business days or less – fastest in the industry!


  • At the conclusion of the program we compute a final profit total and send your profit check.
  • A built in Coordinator Panel provides a simple way to track sales and profits earned throughout the program.
  • Keep profits growing by placing additional orders at any time and receiving full credit.

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