Create great art

Creating great art is the most important part to our programs.  Our art instructions provide the information and guidance needed to ensure that each masterpiece created will look amazing on our keepsake items. 

For a pdf version of our Artwork Instructions please click the links below:

Playing on the Edge

Names, dates, etc. should be placed at least 1” from the edge of the artwork. Many of our products are considered full bleed.  This means the image goes right to the edge of the product, and in some cases wraps around the edge.  If names or dates are too close to the edge, they could be trimmed or cut off during reproduction:

Products that are considered full bleed include: Ceramic Tiles, Mouse Pads, Decorative Ornaments, Key Chains, Magnetic Jewelry, Magnet Package, Matted Prints, Night Lights, Purse Mirrors, and Magnets.

On the Border

In addition to placing important details at least 1” from the edge of the page, it is also recommended that you create full, even borders for your artwork.  Thin or uneven borders will not reproduce well, as shown on the Mouse Pad on the left.  The same image is then reproduced on the right, with a full, even border.  Also be sure to completely erase any pencil lines, as these will reproduce on the final product(s).

Fill the Whole Sheet

It doesn’t cost more to have products featuring art that is fully finished, so use the whole sheet of paper to create your artwork.  Small images with lots of white space will make the product look unfinished, like the plate and mug on the left.  Adding borders or background color to your artwork will result in great looking products, like the plate and mug on the right.

Be Bright. Be Bold.

Bright, bold colors and finished artwork reproduce the best.  Just compare the two Sketchbooks below featuring the same image.  Need we say more?

Hand print Art 


Labeling Your Art