Let Original Works Help You STAND OUT!

Stand Out Features and Benefits

All of our art based fundraising programs offer multiple benefits for your school or organization.  Designed with you in mind, our programs boost student self-esteem, focus on creativity and offer memorable experiences. 

Program Variety

 Three program choices designed to fit YOUR needs!

Free 8.5" x 11" Art Paper

Larger art paper allows more room for student creativity!

Flexible Schedules

Fast turnaround times and flexible dates to accommodate YOUR busy schedules. 

Stand Out Programs

Our programs strike a balance between being easy to administer and adaptable to your fundraising needs.  This proven approach creates strong student/parent participation, generates high praise from volunteers, teachers, and administrators, and produces robust sales for the school or organization.

Express Program

 Our most popular program is quick and simple!

Online Express

Online ordering for families.

Tile Wall Program

Designed to enhance any room or hall.

Stand Out with Us!

Let our trained, professional team of Corporate and Field Sales Representatives assist in designing a Stand Out art based fundraising program that suits the needs of your school!

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