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Recommended Reading


We have a list of recommended reading for you!

Cold Calling

1. Conquering Cold-Calling Fear: Before and After the Sale
by Don Surath (Paperback – February 2003)

2. Fearless Cold Calling
by Mark Sanford (Paperback)

Sales by Phone

1. Stephan Schiffman’s Telesales: America’s #1 Corporate Sales Trainer Shows You How to Boost Your Phone Sales
by Stephan Schiffman, Adams Media Corporation (Paperback – January 2003)

2. Profiting By Phone: No Nonsense Skills and Techniques for Selling and Getting Leads by Telephone
by Jim Domanski (Mass Market Paperback – 1997)

Time Management

1. Time Management from the Inside Out: The Foolproof System for Taking Control of Your Schedule and Your Life
by Julie Morgenstern; Paperback

2. Sidetracked Home Executives: From Pigpen to Paradise
by Pam Young, et al (Paperback – February 2001)

Working at Home

1. The Home Office Solution : How to Balance Your Professional and Personal Lives While Working at Home
by Alice Bredin (Author) (Paperback – May 1998)

2. Stay Home and Mind Your Own Business: How to Manage Your Time, Space, Personal Obligations, Money, Business, and Yourself  While Working at Home
by Jo Frohbieter-Mueller


1. The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be One
by Peter Kyne (Author), Alan Axelrod (Author) (Hardcover)

2. The Psychology Of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales
by Brian Tracy (Author) (Audio CD – March 2002)

3. Get Motivated!  by Tamara Lowe

Motivational Websites


Selling Power Magazine Newsletter

Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker

Art Sobczak’s tips for business by phone newsletter


Training Modules


Below we have provided links to several training modules created to help you with your sales.

Reference Center

Finance Center

  • Commissions Information


    Original Works is required to collect sales tax in fourteen states (CA, CO, FL, GA, MD, MI, NC, NJ, NY, SC, TN, TX, UT and VA).  We have had a practice of collecting blank tax exempt forms and making them available to our reps and schools in these states.  Upon professional advice, we have chosen to discontinue this practice for the following two reasons:

    (1)     An organization’s sales tax status is determined solely by the state taxing authority and not Original Works.  As a “best practice” we will not provide these forms to organizations that may not be eligible.

    (2)    The organizations that are exempt will already have the appropriate documentation from the state taxing authority.

    As always, should there be any question as to the status of any particular school/ organization, we recommend they follow up with their Business Office or with the appropriate state agency.  Original Works is unable to provide tax advice.

Field Communications


Ideas shared by fellow sales reps

  • Introduction Letter– shared by Joyce B.  She is enclosing it with a brochure and mailing or dropping off at schools. You could even break out several of the paragraphs and use as quick emails.
  • Quick & Easy Email Communications–  Several ideas that you can use for quick email messages and communications with schools


OWY Brushstrokes is our company sales newsletter

Sales Forms & Misc.

Marketing Tools








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School Display Ideas


Here are some tips shared by a fellow Rep-

I get the colorful hand prints and “signage” at the Teacher store.  I use student desk name tags to identify some of the products.  I also blew up the cover of our older brochures and had them laminated (heavy duty) to use as a sign to identify Original Works.

I like to use “shred” (crinkly kind with metallic pieces) to add some reflection… like lights, in a way.  Stuff the coffee mugs with shred!  Brightly colored tissue paper in certain places (neck of the t-shirt, pocket of the apron, tote bag) to add color and fill in.  Sometimes I use a teddy bear on the pillow, but if I think it’s possible to construe that he’s part of the pillowcase deal, I’ll put a tiny sign that says, “Teddy not included.”

I also buy the big, fat primary crayons to place here and there…

Also, if need be, I have quilter’s fabric (get the “fat quarters”) that I use in spots on the back walls of the displays, if the paper that’s in the cabinet is in bad shape.  I line the bottoms of the cabinets with crushed velvet–sometimes black, red, or purple… depending on what the back walls look like.

And, BTW… I reuse everything!  I stuff the shred back in a bag, refold the tissue… everything!  I have a rolling cart that holds all of my display stuff:  acrylic “lifts” (various sizes to add a variety of height), easels (both large and small), tape (scotch and packing varieties), pushpins, sharpies, crayons, origami papers (add color to a glass shelf), and I always have a collapsible (two-step) step ladder in my van.  I like to be completely independent when I go to schools to set up a display, so I’m not disturbing the office staff.  I even have glass wipes… sometimes the display cabinets are disgustingly dusty.

 For a Back to School Night, I typically set up the display using a very large piece of black crushed velvet (probably 12′ long) to cover the table completely.  You can even use a couple of empty boxes on top of the table–covering them with more black or red draping… adding the different levels… which keeps the eye moving.  I’ll wear the apron myself, and I try to put a product in a parent’s hands so they can feel the quality–gets them to linger at the table.  We have also used some of those battery-operated spot lights

Program Materials

18-19 Shipping Forms (08.15.2018)

Single Step Preview Magnet/SBYB:

Traditional Preview Magnet/SBYB:

Online Express:

Online Gallery:


Shipping Form F

Marketing Materials

Email Templates

Program Related

Product Related


NEW product- Placement featured

Quick Note

NEW product- Quick Note Dry Erase Magnet featured

Ceramic mugs

“Top Seller” Ceramic mugs

We take pride made in usa

Features our dedication to Made in the USA products

General Templates

“50% of our line is priced $15 or less”

“We are in the business of boosting students’ self-esteem through creativity.  We are not your typical “disposable” fundraiser.”

“Every magnet sold equals $2.00 for your program.  That’s $1.50 more than average candy bar sales.”

“More than a fundraiser.  We help create memories!”

Send to a school that chose not to work with us last season.

Program Features

2 part Order Form

Features our 2-part Order Form

30 more creativity

Paper size is 30% larger than competition

12 Day turnaround

12 day order turnaround

Customer Service Templates

Supply Box Reminders– This is typically sent once a week, based on the estimated arrival of the schools supply box .

Artwork Due Reminders– This is typically sent 1 week prior to the schools deadline for submitting artwork.

  • SBYB  (remember to attach Shipping Form)
  • Single Step SBYB  (remember to attach Shipping Form)
  • Gallery  (remember to attach Shipping Form)

Orders Due Reminders– This is typically sent 2 weeks prior to the schools deadline for submitting orders.