Children love to paint! At Original Works, we turn these amazing works of art into high quality products such as cups, grocery bags, ceramic tiles, t-shirts, wall art, key chains, pendants, and other office and home accessories that schools, churches, synagogues and clubs can sell to raise funds.

To learn more about our art based fundraising program, please read some of the commonly asked questions listed below. Didn’t see the answer you were looking for or need additional assistance? Contact us for more information, or learn more by browsing our school fundraising FAQ:



Will the original artwork be returned?

Yes.  All original artwork is returned either during or at the conclusion of the program.

Can we use our own paper?

We strongly recommend using the free paper we provide, because it results in the best overall artwork reproduction.  If you must use your own paper, please be sure to use a high quality, 70# 8 ½” x 11” art paper.  Please consult our art instructions for complete details.

What artwork mediums are recommended?

Markers (no fluorescent), tempera paints, water color paints and crayons (press hard for rich color) work the best.  Please consult our art instructions for complete details.

Why do details like names & dates need to be kept from the edges of the artwork?

We recommend keeping names, dates and other important details 1” from the edge of the artwork.  Many of our products are full bleed, which means the artwork extends right to the very edge of the product.  If important details are too close to the edge of the artwork, they may be partially or completely cropped during production.  Please consult our art instructions for further information.

Where do I find lesson plans and other materials?

All lesson plans and related materials are available on our website in the Customer Care Center section.  Please contact our customer service department should you require the password.

Can students submit copyrighted images?

Due to stringent copyright laws, we cannot accept and reproduce copyrighted images.  Any copyrighted images submitted will be returned without being processed.


How long does it take to process the orders?

Orders will be received at the school or organization 14 business days after arriving at our facility.

How are orders packaged when they arrive?

Orders are organized in the same order in which they were submitted to us.  For easy distribution, we recommend that orders be sent to us organized by grade and then teacher.

How do I handle late orders?

We welcome late orders or second orders from satisfied customers.  Please collect and submit them using the late order shipping form included in your coordinator guide.  You will receive full profit on all late orders.

What if there is a problem with a product or an order?

If you are a parent, please notify the program coordinator at the school of the issue.  If you are the coordinator of the program, then please contact our Customer Service department at 800-421-0020 or [email protected].  We will work to resolve the issue as expeditiously as possible.


Will the color on products match the artwork exactly?

There is often some variation in color.  This is due primarily to the variety of product textures and surfaces onto which the artwork is reproduced.

Can the ceramic mugs be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes.  Our 11 oz. & 15 oz. mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Other ceramic products, such as tiles/trivets and plates should be washed by hand using mild soap and water, and should not be microwaved.

Are your products Made in the USA?

Currently 70% of our products meet the stringent Made In The USA designation.  In addition, 100% of our products undergo final production and assembly in the USA.  All Made In The USA products are clearly identified in our printed materials and online.