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Fundraising with a Purpose

The main purpose of any fundraising program is to raise money for a cause, charity or non-profit organization. However, with youth and school programs in particular, fundraising can serve a greater purpose for learning and development. Likewise, fundraisers that provide a personalized keepsake in exchange for a donation can be especially meaningful for donors. At

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Fun January Facts & Trivia

About The Month Of January The New Year has begun! It’s time to leave the past behind and focus on a fresh start. This time of year is fun and busy for teachers, parents, and students. Check out these fun facts that will help boost your mood and encourage you to dive into the New

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Fun December Facts & Trivia

December is the first month of winter and is filled with holidays! Here are fun facts and trivia that will help make your December exciting! Basic December Facts: Name: The word “Decem” is Latin for tenth. The month of December was originally 10th in the Roman Calendar until January and February were added. December has

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