Customer Care Center

Online Gallery Program Toolbox

Here you will find all the tools you need to make your Online Gallery Program a success!


Find all the required documents for your Online Program. 

Art Instructions

Look What’s Coming Letter

Use this letter to announce the program to families.  We suggest you send it home approximately 1 week prior to sending home artwork/order packets. If you can’t copy/print the letter in color, consider copying it on brightly colored paper so that parent’s notice. 

Shipping Forms

Ordering Instructions

Spanish instructions should accompany the student’s Custom Brochure as they will need to refer to it for their custom information. 

If a student loses their original Custom Brochure, this can be used. Fill in the needed information on the pdf and save it, or send it as a separate document. 

Coordinator Panel

Information on how to access your Coordinator Panel

Student Labels

Use this form if you have new students that will be completing artwork, that were not submitted on your original student list. 

Promotional Poster

Announcement Templates

Use the templates below to help you make announcements

Program Overview

​Supply Box Arrives

  • Read your Coordinator Guide
  • Deliver the art paper & art instructions to the teachers who will
    oversee artwork creation
  • Share the program schedule/deadlines with your teacher(s)

Program Promotion

  • Build excitement and advertise your program
  • Announce in your newsletter, social media, and website
  • Hang posters
  • Create an eye-catching display of products
  • Send “Look What’s Coming” letter home to families

Send Student List

  • Email your student list to [email protected]
  • Printed labels will be mailed to you for identification of artwork

Create Artwork

  • Use the 8.5” x 11” art paper provided for best results
    Refer to the art instructions for recommended media and tips

Label Artwork

  • Place each student’s label on the back of the artwork.
  • Indicate the TOP of the artwork by putting a “T” on the back
  • Use pencil only when writing on the back of the artwork

Ship Artwork

  • Ship on schedule
  • Complete Shipping Form E
  • Send to Original Works using the provided shipping label

Distribute Ordering Instructions

  • Students bring home their custom brochure with ordering information

Parents Orders

  • Parents place their orders online
  • Mail any manual/paper orders if applicable

Your Profit

  • Your profit check is mailed to you at the end of your program!

Supply Box

This box contains everything you are going to need to run a successful program.

Your supply box contains …

  • Art paper
  • Art Instructions
  • One (1) pre-paid UPS shipping label (stapled to brightly colored paper)
    Please keep this in a safe spot! You’ll need it later.
  • Marketing Kit:
    • Product samples
    • Folders to organize your artwork before you send it to us
    • Posters


Artwork Creation

It’s time to engage your students! Over the years we have found that the more excited the students are about their projects, the more excited the families will be, too.

Follow the Art Instructions to ensure a successful program. If you are unsure, please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service team prior to beginning artwork.

Art Instructions

Not an Art Teacher?

No Art Teacher on staff? Is artwork created in the individual classrooms instead of during an art class? No problem! Here is the solution …

Just 15-20 minutes a day
Typically, if artwork is to be done in the classrooms, homeroom teachers set aside a 15-20 minute period each day for one week when students may create their artwork. Be sure that each teacher has a set of art instructions prior to starting their projects.

Declaring an “Art Awareness Week” at the school ties in nicely with this dedicated time period for creating the artworks. Another great time to allow for creation of the artwork is during “Spirit Week.” Usually a second week is set aside for those students who were out during the first week or need to finish
their masterpieces.

Free lesson plans available
Our Customer Care Center has a library containing many free lesson plans for you to download. These plans are designed to be simple yet creative. You can also find ideas on our Pinterest page –

If you have a favorite lesson plan you’d like to share, please send it to [email protected]

Additional artwork subject matter

The subject matter may reflect what the students are studying in history, science or literature. It’s easiest if each grade level has the same subject matter. Some examples:

  • 1st Graders may be studying Earth Science – oceans, fish and sea life, or classifying animals into groups (birds, mammals, etc.) may be good topics.
  • 3rd Graders may be covering Ecology – rain forest ecosystem, habitats, and animals may be a good direction.
  • 4th Graders may be studying your state’s history or the role of industry and settlement in Social Studies – a historic event or person from your state may be the subject. Perhaps, a self-portrait dressed as a child of a specific era in your state’s history would be of interest
  • 6th Graders may be covering Earth Science – oceans and marine life, weather and climate, the solar system, stars and galaxies. These make great subject matter for artwork.

Student Labels

To ensure that we have the proper student data setup for your school’s gallery, we create a student label from the information that you provide. Each student artwork requires a label before it can be uploaded to your Online gallery.

Preparing the information to send

  • Please include all students/grade in one (1) list.
  • Each grade/class should follow the next one in order.
  • Do not break grades/classes out into individual tabs or sheets.

Required Information/Student Data

  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Teacher
  • Grade

File types accepted

  • Microsoft Excel
  •  . txt
  •  . csv

Submitting your data

  •  Email your data to [email protected]
  • Include your school name in the subject line along with “label file” ie: Caldwell Elementary label file

Receiving your printed labels

  • Original Works will create and print your student labels.
  • Labels will be sent to the school in your supply box or via USPS Priority mail.

New or additional students

  • If you have new students or students starting class after the Student Labels have been created and sent to you, but before your artwork is sent for the scan phase, please complete and send a copy of the “New Student Form

Student privacy

  • We understand that student privacy is of utmost importance. Student names do NOT appear in the Online gallery. This is done to protect the privacy of each student.

Sending your completed artwork

Once student artwork has been completed, it is packaged and sent to Original Works for processing. Each artwork is scanned, and uploaded into your school’s Online Gallery. Remember … please stay on schedule!

1. Prepare artwork for shipment

  • Verify each artwork has the correct student label affixed to the BACK.
  • Organize artwork in folders by class and grade.

2. Shipping Form E

  • Complete & return with your artwork.
  • We recommend placing the artwork in a plastic bag to protect it from the weather while being shipped.

3. Shipment

  • Using the prepaid UPS label found in your supply box, send the artwork and Shipping Form E to Original Works.
  • Give the package to any UPS driver OR take it to a UPS store or authorized UPS facility.

Returned Artwork
Any artwork that does not follow our art instructions will be returned and will not appear in the gallery.


Once the artwork has been received, scanned and uploaded into your gallery, we print and ship the Custom Brochures directly to the school. Each letter is unique to the individual student and is used to facilitate the ordering process.

Custom Brochure

  • A customized “brochure” is created for each artwork submitted.
  • Distribute brochures to your students to take home to their families. The brochures are custom for each child. Be sure that they receive the correct one to take home.


  • Families follow the instructions sent home and place their orders online.

Track your sales

  • Remember to log in to your Coordinator Panel and track your sales.

Returned Artwork
Any artwork that does not follow our art instructions will be returned and will not appear in the gallery.

  • A new piece of artwork can be created and an order placed using the manual order form (see next tab) 

As the coordinator of an Online Program, you can take advantage of the Coordinator Panel. The panel provides you access to order information, allowing you to track orders and compute revenue and profit.

Returning Coordinator? Already Registered?
If you have coordinated an Online Program and registered in the past, it is not necessary to register again. Likewise, if you have placed an order in our eStore previously and already created an account, you do not need to register again. However, you do need to notify us (Step #2) that you are a coordinator, and provide your school name and code so that we can assign you to the account this year.

New to the program this year?
1. Register
   • Click HERE to get started
   • Complete the registration form.

2. Notify Original Works
   • Once you have registered, email [email protected] and let us know you have registered.
   • Include your school account code/name when notifying us.
   • Original Works will activate your panel and notify you when complete.
Please note that access to your Coordinator Panel may not be available immediately, as it is only available AFTER the artwork has been scanned and uploaded.

3. Access your panel
  • Click HERE to login
  • Scroll down the screen to the Coordinator Login. Click “LOGIN”
  • Enter the email and password in the “Registered Customers” section
  • This will open your Account Dashboard
  • Coordinator Panel is the last option

Product Distribution

This is the most exciting time – the keepsakes have arrived and it’s time to distribute!

Orders arrive

  • Orders are shipped and will arrive at your school based on the scheduled delivery date on your program confirmation.
  • Orders will be organized in the same manner that the artwork/orders were shipped to Original Works.

Coordinator’s envelope

  • A white coordinator’s envelope is included in Box # 1 of your shipment. This envelope contains your “Order Recap Report” and any artwork that could not be processed.

Student packages

  • Each package contains the child’s original artwork/order form, products ordered and care instructions.
    Ceramic mugs, wall clings, &  11″ x 14″ matted print will be labeled & packaged separately in the shipping boxes.

Recruit some help …

We recommend you recruit some volunteers to help with
the distribution process. Unpacking the keepsakes is FUN for everyone! Parents will love seeing the products made with the amazing artwork!

Offer volunteers the opportunity to purchase products at the wholesale price as a “Thank you.”

Additional Orders

Late and additional orders are common and we encourage you to send them to us for processing. These orders provide a great way to increase your program profits!

Online Orders
(for artwork already in your Gallery)
• If you setup a Late Order Deadline Date on your confirmation, we will re-open the gallery immediately after the initial order deadline.
• Families can continue to place new/additional orders directly online if their student’s artwork was previously uploaded.

Paper/Manual Orders
(for artwork that is not in your Gallery)
• Collect the order forms, and artwork if required. Complete Shipping Form C and send to Original Works.
• Late Manual Orders must be shipped to arrive at Original Works on/before the Late Order Date shown on your schedule.

Your first set of late/additional orders is shipped back to the school for free. Subsequent sets of orders are subject to a nominal $10 shipping fee.
Delivery dates for late/additional orders are not guaranteed for specific arrival dates.

Encourage late orders!

All of your late/additional orders earn the same profit as your primary order!
Your first set of late/additional orders are shipped back to the school for free!
Promoting a “Second Chance” is a great way to increase the profits and success of your program!

Customer Service

Although we thoroughly inspect all orders before shipping, occasionally a less than perfect order gets through. We call this a “Fix It”. If it happens with one of your orders, our friendly Customer Service team is standing by to assist.

Oops … we have a “Fix It”

If your order/product meets one or more of the following criteria, then a Form F (Fix It Form) should be submitted to Original Works:

  • Material defect: hole in towel, chipped tile or mug, etc.
  • Incorrect product: ordered a sketchbook and received a journal.
  • Improper reproduction: artwork is reproduced upside down on product.
  • Missing product: you were invoiced for a product but it was not received.

Does the artwork need to be sent back to Original Works with Shipping Form F?

YES … send the artwork back if your product has:

  • Color quality issue
  • Image blurriness
  • Incorrect image

NO … do not send the artwork back if:

  • Item is missing
  • Item is damaged
  • Incorrect item was made

Shipping Form F

Please complete all information and return to Original Works. We’ll process your Fix It ASAP. If you are not sending in artwork, you can email the form to [email protected]

Did You Know?

Artwork Produced “As Is”
All artwork is reproduced “As Is.” The entire 8.5” x 11” piece of artwork is captured for your keepsakes. We do not modify, crop, or alter the artist’s creation in any way.

Please don’t ask us to erase pencil marks or artist guide lines. It is best that you do this before you send the artworks to us. They will reproduce on the final products.

We hope that you will use the paper provided in your supply box. Use bold and vibrant colors. Your subject matter should fill the entire sheet of paper. Original Works will not be responsible for redoing products produced from artwork that did not comply with our stated art instructions.

Image retention
Original Works keeps images on file for a fixed period of time:

  • Fall programs – images are retained until March 1st
  • Spring programs – images are retained until September 1st

If a Fix-It is submitted after one of these retention deadlines, please submit the original artwork.

Set a deadline date for parents to report any issues to you. This way you can submit all Fix-its at the same time.

Program Promotion

Hang the provided posters in a prominent

Display product samples in a high-traffic area.

Send copies of the “Look What’s Coming”
letter home.

Announce the program in your school newsletter, on your school website and/or social media sites.

If your students, families and teachers are excited, participation will increase which leads to more profits for your program.

Consider offering incentives- these don’t have to cost anything and can be fun way to everyone involved.

  • Teacher Incentives. Teachers are an integral part of your fundraiser’s success. Get teachers on board with special rewards for classroom participation.
    • Ice cream party of the classroom with the highest sales
  • Prize Program. Prizes are a great way to motivate students and boost participation. This can be a special privilege such as front-of-the-line passes, the role of principal for a day, or a special lunch.
  • Principal Involvement. If you raise $xxx the principal will kiss a pig or wearing their pajamas to school …


This cute poster is from

Are you raising funds for your art room or maybe a new playground? Communicate that and create a poster that lets everyone know how you are doing with reaching your goal.


We’ve developed several images for your use in promoting your program.  We recommend that you hyperlink the images to our website:

(To use: Right click on an image below, and choose “Save As”)

Social Media Promotion

Social Media is a great way to create engagement and share the memories of your Original Works program.

When should your post?

The more often, the better. By capturing the start of your program you will begin to build excitement and anticipation that you can then feed as your program continues.  

Use the Image Library as your resource to promote your program throughout every step of the process. When you have an approaching deadline, start your outreach no later than a week prior.

Moments to capture:

  • Supply box arrival
  • Artwork creation
  • Product Arrival & Distribution


Use Hashtags to connect with us and the larger art teacher community!

  • #OriginalWorks
  • #ArtTeachersOfInstagram
  • #ArtClass
  • #ElementaryArt

Check out this article from PTO Today for some great tips!

Image Library

We’ve developed several images for your use in promoting your program.  We recommend that you hyperlink the images to our website:

(To use: Right click on an image below, and choose “Save As”)

Please refer to the instructions in this guide. It is important to note that once you have set up your account in the store you must notify us via e-mail at [email protected] that you have registered. We will then set-up your administrative rights and e-mail you to confirm that you now have full access to the Control Panel. If you have run the Online/Gallery program in the past and registered previously, it is not necessary to register again.

The Control Panel provides the coordinator with the opportunity to track in real time, the orders that are submitted through the Online gallery. Overall data includes Total Retail Sales, Wholesale Value of the products purchased and Overall Profit earned to date. A View function then provides the ability to drill down to the order detail data. This includes the customer name, order number and total value for each order.

Original Works retains all of the data in a spreadsheet. We will recieve this spreadsheet via e-mail so that you have it as a reference during the course of the program. With a quick call to our Customer Service Team you can also obtain this information so the parent can complete their order.

Due to space constraints, we only allow one artwork in the gallery per student. If a student has more than one artwork that they would like to order from, they should select the artwork they would like posted in the gallery and place their Online order using that artwork. The second artwork could then be submitted to us separately as a manual order. Use a copy of the Manual Order Form that was e-mailed to you at the beginning of the program. Please note that when submitting a second artwork as part of a Manual Order, do not use the Student Access Code that was assigned to the first artwork. We will assign a new code to the artwork when it is received.

If a student misses the deadline for uploading their artwork to the gallery, their image will not appear in the gallery. However, they may still participate in the program by submitting their artwork with a manual order during the order phase of the program. Their order will be processed and delivered to the school at the same time as the regular Online orders.

If you are ready to submit your artwork and find you require additional labels, please complete the Additional Label Form found in this guide. Then place the new artwork in a separate file folder marked “Needs Labels” and send it with the rest of the labeled artwork. We will generate the labels and affix them to the artwork prior to processing.

All orders placed Online will use the artwork images found in the gallery. If a student has changed their artwork (i.e., added a name, date or some other change to the artwork) after the gallery setup was completed, we can not go back and re-upload the changed artwork to the gallery. In this circumstance, the student should submit their changed artwork with a manual order form. Provided it is submitted by the order deadline, the order will be processed and shipped at the same time as all of the Online orders. Please note that when resubmitting artwork as part of a Manual Order, do not use the Student Access Code that was assigned to the first artwork. We will assign a new code to the artwork when it is received.

When a child receives two Custom Brochures, it means their student data was in our system twice. The most likely cause is that data for that student label was submitted twice (i.e., perhaps the student changed classes or had incorrect data on the first submission, etc.) so we had more than one student record in the file. Since a Custom Brochure is generated for each student listed in the file, when a student is listed twice in that file, one Custom Brochure will print blank, while the other will print with the child’s artwork. The blank Custom Brochure can simply be discarded.