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Tile Wall Toolbox

Here you will find all the tools you need to make your Tile Wall Program a success!


Find all the required documents for your Express Program. 

Coordinator Guide

Coordinator Guide

Art Instructions

Shipping Forms

Order Forms

Look What’s Happening Letter

Reserve Your Spot Letter

  • Reserve Your Spot   
    Be sure to complete the necessary information before distributing. You can also create your own letter.

Tile Installation Guide

Artwork Creation

It’s time to engage your students! Over the years we have found that the more excited the students are about their projects, the more excited the families will be, too.

Follow the Art Instructions to ensure a successful program. If you are unsure, please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service team prior to beginning artwork.

Art Instructions


As students begin to create their artwork, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Paper Size
    It’s important to use the correct paper size. This is determined by the size of the tiles you have chosen.6” x 8” tiles = 8 ½” x 11” paper
    4 ¼” x 4 ¼” tiles = Square paper no smaller than 7 ¼”
    6” x 6” tiles = Square paper no smaller than 7 ¼”
    Using the correct size paper ensures that the images will be proportional when reproduced onto the tiles.
    If required, the appropriate paper size has been included in your supply box.
  2. Label Artwork
    Once artwork is completed, be sure to include the following information on the BACK of each artwork:
    • Student Name- First & Last
    • Teacher, Grade/Class
    Remember to use pencil so that it doesn’t show through to the front!


Family Packets. Assemble a “family packet” for each student to be sent home. The packet should include :

  • Original Artwork
  • Reserve Your Ppot on the Wall letter
  • Flyer (provided by Original Works as needed)
  • Order Form (if applicable)

Send Home. Send the family packets home for families to order. Be sure you are staying on schedule!

Collect Orders. When orders are returned, they should include:

  • Original Artwork
  • Completed & signed permission slip
  • Order Form (if applicable)
  • Payment

When packaging to ship, we recommend placing the artwork/orders in a large plastic bag to protect them from any weather while being shipped.


Prepare orders for shipment.
Separate artwork based on the number of Tiles to be reproduced:

  • If only 1 tile is being made for ALL of the artwork, then you don’t need to separate them.
  • If some of the artwork needs 2 tiles made, put those in a separate folder or gallon-size zip lock bag. If some need 3, put those in a different folder/ bag, etc.

An order form is available for you to use. Although they are not required, you may find them helpful for organizing your program. If you choose to submit artwork with order forms, be sure to tape them to the back of the artwork.

Stack the folders/bags into a box or padded envelope and ship to the address which is at the bottom of Shipping Form W. We recommend UPS or FedEx Ground.

Please generate a single check to Original Works for the total order. Appropriate shipping & handling charges will be invoiced with the completed orders.

Tiles arrive at school.
When you receive your completed tiles they are divided by the number of tiles and not by the grade/teacher. The tiles are packed in the box in layers, with the artwork in a folder placed directly on top of the layer of corresponding tiles so that they are easy to match up.

Tile Installation

Tiles are for interior installation only. Original Works will not warrant the performance of tiles installed on an exterior wall, walkway, breezeway or other exterior structure.

Grout. To avoid potentially scratching the tile surface when installing, use of a sand-less grout is highly recommended.

Please consult the Installation Instructions for more details

Customer Service

Although we thoroughly inspect all orders before shipping, occasionally a less than perfect order gets through. We call this a “Fix It”. If it happens with one of your orders, our friendly Customer Service team is standing by to assist.

Oops … we have a “Fix It”

If your order/product meets one or more of the following criteria, then a Form F (Fix It Form)
should be submitted to Original Works:
   • Material defect: i.e.: chipped tile
   • Improper reproduction: artwork is reproduced upside down on product.
   • Missing product: you were invoiced for a product but it was not received.

Shipping Form F

Shipping Form F
Please complete all information and return it along with the original artwork to Original Works.  We’ll process your Fix It ASAP.


Did You Know?

Artwork Produced “As Is”
All artwork is reproduced “As Is.” The entire piece of artwork is captured for your keepsakes. We do not modify, crop, or alter the artist’s creation in any way.

Please don’t ask us to erase pencil marks or artist guide lines. It is best that you do this before you send the artworks to us. They will reproduce on the final products.

We hope that you will use the paper provided in your supply box. Use bold and vibrant colors. Your subject matter should fill the entire sheet of paper.

Original Works will not be responsible for redoing products produced from artwork that did not comply with our stated art instructions.

Set a deadline date for parents to report any issues to you. This way you can submit all Fix-its at the same time.

Program Promotion

While students are busy creating their masterpieces, you’ll want to promote the program to your families and build excitement. Remember, the more you promote, the more your profits will grow!

Look What’s Happening Letter!
Send copies of the letter home. 

Tell Everyone!
Announce the program in your school newsletter, on your school website and/or social media sites.

Create Excitement
If your students, families and teachers are excited, participation will increase which leads to more profits for your program.


Are you raising funds for your art room or maybe a new playground? Communicate that and create a poster that lets everyone know how you are doing with reaching your goal.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media is a great way to create engagement and share the memories of your Original Works program.

When should your post?

The more often, the better. By capturing the start of your program you will begin to build excitement and anticipation that you can then feed as your program continues.  

Use the Image Library as your resource to promote your program throughout every step of the process. When you have an approaching deadline, start your outreach no later than a week prior.

Moments to capture:

  • Supply box arrival
  • Artwork creation
  • Product Arrival 
  • Completed Project/wall


Use Hashtags to connect with us and the larger art teacher community!

  • #OriginalWorks
  • #ArtTeachersOfInstagram
  • #ArtClass
  • #ElementaryArt

Check out this article from PTO Today for some great tips!

Image Library

We’ve developed several images for your use in promoting your program.  We recommend that you hyperlink the images to our website:

(To use: Right click on an image below, and choose “Save As”)