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Online Program Additional or Late Artworks

Submitting Additional Orders

Late and additional orders are welcome, and we encourage you to send them to us for processing. All of the late orders increase your program profits so you should welcome them, too!

Online Orders
(for artwork already in your Gallery)

• If you setup a Late Order Deadline Date on your confirmation, we will re-open the gallery immediately after the initial order deadline.
• Families can continue to place new/additional orders directly online if their student’s artwork was previously uploaded.


Paper/Manual Orders
(for artwork that is not in your Gallery)

Collect the order forms, and artwork if required. Complete Shipping Form C and send to Original Works.
• Late Manual Orders must be shipped to arrive at Original Works on/before the Late Order Date shown on your schedule.

Shipping on your first set of additional orders is free.  Subsequent sets of orders are subject to a nominal $10 shipping fee

We can’t guarantee Additional Orders for delivery prior to the holidays, however we will do our best to turn all orders around as quickly as possible. 

Retail Order Information

If you don’t plan to offer an additional ordering window, parents can still place orders online at our eStore, and you still earn profits!

Simply provide your families with the information below. 

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