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Additional or Late Artworks

Submitting Additional Orders

Late and additional orders are common and we encourage you to send them to us for processing.  These orders provide a great way to increase your program profits!

1. Collect Orders
  • Late orders include both new orders and re-orders from families who ordered previously. 
  • If a family has ordered during the main order phase, artwork does not need to be re-sent, however, they must provide the order form number from their original order, along with a brief description of the artwork on file. 
  • Should you require an additional order form for a parent,  click here to download a blank order form.
2. Shipping Form C
  • Complete Shipping Form C.  Click on the button below to download Shipping Form C.

Shipping on your first set of additional orders is free.  Subsequent sets of orders are subject to a nominal $10 shipping fee

We can’t guarantee Additional Orders for delivery prior to the holidays, however we will do our best to turn all orders around as quickly as possible. 

Encourage more orders!

All of your late/additional orders earn the same profit as your primary order!

Your first set of late/additional orders are shipped back to the school for free!

Promoting a “Second Chance” is a great way to increase the profits and success of your program!

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