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Online Gallery Direct: School Fundraisers Online

Making school fundraisers online easy and fun!

When it is preferable, or necessary, to ship all completed orders directly to the home rather than to school or other central location.

This approach is convenient for families, and reduces workload for the school by eliminating the need to track and submit orders, handle the money and distribute the products. At the conclusion of the program, we tabulate the orders, and send a profit check directly to the school.


  • The school submits a list of student names, teachers, and grades to us. We create a set of student labels from this list, and return them to the school.
  • Students create artwork in class or at home using one of our art lesson plans, or a lesson plan chosen by the teacher. When the artwork is completed it is collected/returned to the school, the teacher or a volunteer applies the student labels to each artwork.
  • The school submits the labeled artwork to us, and we carefully scan, identify, and save each artwork in a secure, customized, online school gallery.
  • A Custom Brochure is created and emailed to the program coordinator.
    -This Custom Brochure contains details for the families, including how to access the online gallery, view the artwork, and place online orders.


  • Families follow the instructions from the Custom Brochure to access the Online Gallery, view their child’s artwork on the products, and place their orders.
  • Order payment is made using a credit or debit card.
  • An online Coordinator Panel feature allows the program coordinator to track the orders.
  • Orders arrive at our manufacturing facility electronically, where we process them as received.
  • We ship all completed orders directly to the families and charge a nominal shipping fee


  • We tabulate the orders received, and calculate the profit earned on the program
  • We create and send a profit check to the school


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