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Online Express Program Toolbox

Here you will find all the tools you need to make your Online Express Program a success!

Document Library

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Shipping Forms

Marketing Tools

eMarketing Tips  — Tips for promoting your program.

Look What’s Coming letter

Parent Product Flyer

School Newsletter Template:  Your school newsletter can provide an excellent medium for highlighting the benefits of the program in an efficient & cost-effective way.  Use the provided template, feel free to modify to suit your needs. 

School Newsletter Template (word doc.)

School Announcement Template:  School announcements offer a regular opportunity to promote the program.  Use the provided template as is or modify to fit your needs.

School Announcement Template (word doc.)

Email Reminder Template:

email reminder (word doc.)

Promotional Poster – 11″ x 17″ poster

Image Library

We’ve developed several images for your use in promoting your program.  We recommend that you hyperlink the images to our website: www.originalworks.com

(To use: Right click on an image below, and choose “Save As”)

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