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Fantasy Sandwich


National Standard I – Art Links to Broader Goals

  • Compare and contrast symbolic artwork by a contemporary artist with Native American totems.
  • Identify symbols used by Native Americans.


National Standard III – Content & Teaching of Art

  • Students will create a fantasy sandwich incorporating symbols that represent who they are; favorite foods, sport items, etc.

Teacher Input

National Standard IV – Learning Environment

  • Prints or photos of a totem poles
  • Sherry Markovitz, Bears Lair. Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Research information: Sherry Markovitz & Tlingit Native American Totem poles
  1. Display the prints. Inquiry/Students will brainstorm.
    1. Are these works alike?
    2. What do you need to know?
    3. Who created each work?
    4. What are the images or things in each work?
    5. What do the things represent or symbolize?
    6. When were they done?
    7. Where were they done?
    8. How were they made?
    9. Why was each created?
  2. Hand out research materials on Sherry Markovitz and totem poles.
    • Using a Venn diagram compare, contrast and organize information gathered.
    • Discuss symbols used to represent ideas.
  3. What if you create something that would represent who you are? What would you use as symbols? What do you like to do? What are your favorite foods?
  4. Now we are going to create a Fantasy Sandwich. This sandwich is about who you are. You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat”.


  1. Start the artwork – Draw practice sketches brainstorming ideas for symbols that represent you.
  2. Students should choose the best images from their sketches. Using pencil, on the heavy white paper, draw the images and patterns chosen from the sketches. Trace all the lines with permanent fine tip black marker.
  3. Make a checkered background. The whole paper should be covered by either the sandwich or the checkered background.
  4. Add colors with the markers. Use contrasting colors, particularly between the buns and the background. Add highlights and shading with the colored pencils.
  5. Creatively position your name, possibly inside the bun or within one of the colored background checks.
    • Make sure student name, grade/teacher and school are printed on the back of the artwork in pencil.


  1. Is your artwork complete?

  2. Describe your fantasy sandwich and explain the symbols chosen.

Age Group

Grades 3-5


1-2 classes


National Standard V- Instructional Resources

  • white art paper
  • colored markers
  • colored pencils
  • fine tip black markers
  • ruler
  • Images of totem poles
  • examples of project

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Kim Schuessler
Art Educator @ Atlanta, GA

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