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Quilting Bee Lesson Plan

Quilting Bee Lesson Plan This lesson plan utilizes recycled and/or reclaimed materials. Teacher Input Discuss and research recycling efforts in your community.  What materials can be recycled?  What materials does your community recycle? Explore what would happen if no one …

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Sonoran Sunset Lesson Plan

Sonoran Sunset Lesson Plan Objective Demonstrates the colors in the rainbow and techniques in mixing colors. Promotes fine motor skills through the use of scissors and detailed paper tearing. Procedure Begin by having students paint a sunset, starting with blue …

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Tooth Fairy Lesson Plan

Tooth Fairy Lesson Plan Purpose To create a satisfying piece of art that has meaning for most children.  This lesson develops fine motor skills, acquaints them with shapes and colors and exposes them to cultural folklore.  Read children’s book on …

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