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Loon Lake Lesson Plan

Loon Lake Lesson Plan Students will create a loon using a paint resist technique to be placed on a watercolor rendition of a lake surface. Process Discuss loons and other birds that may be found around water. Look at pictures of loons and discuss their characteristics. Discuss the different shapes involved in drawing a loon. …

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Looking into my Life Lesson Plan

Looking into my Life Lesson Plan Process Getting started Students/teacher need to determine which version of the collage they will make. Favorite or Painted. Taking student pictures Take a digital photograph of each students. The student should be standing in front of a light colored wall. The photo needs to be just the back of …

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Flower Close Up Lesson Plan

Flower Close-Up Lesson Plan A marker drawing with a watercolor wash background Process Day 1 Discuss different kinds of flowers. Show pictures and actual examples. Talk about color contrast and relationships, shapes of petals, textures within the leaves and other aspects of flowers. Locate and mark lightly, with pencil, the middle of your heavy white …

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Butterfly Painting Lesson Plan

Butterfly Painting Lesson Plan A crayon drawing filled with watercolor shapes Process Day One: Talk about BUTTERFLIES and LEAVES. Using examples show different kinds of butterflies. Emphasize the symmetry of the wings and the different shapes within both the butterflies and the leaves. Show shape sampler. Have students draw their own ideas of shapes for …

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Bug on a Rug Lesson Plan

Bug on a Rug Lesson Plan Process Teacher: You may want to pre-cut construction paper for younger students. You will need 1” to 1 ½” strips for the borders and various shapes for the bug body (circles, oval, squares and long rectangles) in multiple colors. Start by looking at close-up pictures of bugs and insects. …

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Pattern Landscape Lesson Plan

Pattern Landscape Lesson Plan A marker and crayon drawing filled with many patterns Process Day One: Talk about and define PATTERN and LANDSCAPE. Exhibit samples of some famous landscapes and discuss the techniques and objects the artist used in their landscape. Are there any visible patterns? What kinds of colors were used? Vincent Van Gogh’s …

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Fauvist Farm Animals Lesson Plan

Fauvist Farm Animals Lesson Plan INTERDISCIPLINARY EMPHASIS: Students study vertebrates at third grade, westward expansion at fourth grade, the eco-system at fifth grade and United States history & economics at sixth grade. Farm animals and their impact can be discussed at each of these levels. In Art, discuss the Fauvist movement (Matisse’s “The Green Stripe”) …

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Night and Day Lesson Plan

Day & Night Discussion For day and night grade lesson plan for grades K-2, use photos or illustrated children’s books that show day & night scenes. Discuss the concept that lights turned on in your house show through the windows during the night but those same lights on during the day do not show outside. …

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Mosaic Flower Vase Lesson Plan

Mosaic Flower Vase Lesson Plan Process Draw a horizontal black line one third of the way up from the bottom of the heavy piece of white paper. On the small bottom section, create a “checkered” tablecloth effect by drawing squares. Draw all the vertical strokes first Next, add the horizontal strokes. Draw the outline of …

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Butterfly Quilt Lesson Plan

Butterfly Quilt Lesson Plan HINT! Fold construction paper in half and cut out the shape of a large backwards “C”. Don’t cut on the fold. Advanced students may cut out a curved or pointed wing design. Process Cut colored construction paper into strips approx. ¾” wide and paste around the edges of your heavy white …

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