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Bug on a Rug Lesson Plan



You may want to pre-cut construction paper for younger students. You will need 1” to 1 ½” strips for the borders and various shapes for the bug body (circles, oval, squares and long rectangles) in multiple colors.

  1. Start by looking at close-up pictures of bugs and insects.
    • Talk about what bugs the children might see in your area.
    • Each artist should decide what kind of bug they want to create for their project.
    • Children may decide to create a bug from their imagination.
  2. Begin by creating a patterned “rug” on a heavy white paper with the markers.
    • Don’t forget that you will be gluing a border onto this sheet.
    • The main “rug” color is the most important.
  3. Choose a single color for your border (multi-colors will distract from your bug).
    • Trim border pieces, if needed, to be 1” to 1 ½” wide.
    • Glue in place. Be sure to stay inside the heavy white paper.
    • Additional rug design may be added at this time.
    • A pattern for the rug and fringe both look great.
  4. Plan your bugs.
    • Have older children draw a broad sketch, on scrap paper, using geometric shapes to plan their bugs.
    • The bugs should be big and cover a large amount of the project.
    • Don’t forget the details (eyes, spots, etc.…)
    • Cut construction paper shapes according to your sketch.
    • Stress the use of vibrant colors.
  5. Lay out the construction paper in your bug shape.
    • Firmly glue the bug pieces onto your rug.
    • Be careful that no pieces overhang the paper.
  6. The final step is for each artist to sign their name, in a contrasting color at least a 1” from the edge of their masterpiece.

Age Group

Grades K-3




2 Class Sessions


  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ white art paper
  • various colors of construction paper
  • colored markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • scratch paper
  • close-up pictures of bugs
  • pattern sampler (optional)
  • example of the project
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