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Lesson Plans » Pattern Landscape Lesson Plan

Pattern Landscape Lesson Plan

A marker and crayon drawing filled with many patterns


Day One:
  1. Talk about and define PATTERN and LANDSCAPE.
    • Exhibit samples of some famous landscapes and discuss the techniques and objects the artist used in their landscape.
    • Are there any visible patterns? 
    • What kinds of colors were used? 
    • Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night 1889 and Wheatfield with Cypress 1889 are two good examples
  2. Show the pattern sampler.
    • Have students draw their own ideas of patterns 
  3. Make a list of things you might find in a landscape (sun, trees, houses, hills, flowers, etc.)
  4. Begin landscape drawing.
    • Start student off with basic objects. 
    • Remind students to draw with markers (patterns will be filled in with crayon in the next session). 
    • If pencils are used for the initial sketch make sure that all pencil lines are covered over or erased prior to adding colors.
  5. Encourage students to add lots of additional objects and details.
Day Two:
  1. Once the drawings are complete, use crayons to color patterns. Fill in the shapes and objects.
  2.  Encourage students to use a variety of patterns
    • Refer to the pattern sampler F
    • Fill in the entire drawing with color (sky, land, trees, buildings, etc.).
  3. Add finishing touches. Make sure that pictures are complete.  Student’s name should be printed on the front, 1″ away from the paper edge.  Make sure to record the student name, grade/teacher and school, in pencil, on the back of the artwork
Special thanks to M.J. Hilnske, Art Educator @ Milwaukee, WI for this lesson plan!

Age Group

Grades 1 & 2




2 Class Sessions


  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ white art paper
  • crayons
  • markers (black & dark colors)
  • pattern sampler
  • examples of famous artists’ landscapes
  • example of the project
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