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Day & Night


For day and night grade lesson plan for grades K-2, use photos or illustrated children’s books that show day & night scenes.  Discuss the concept that lights turned on in your house show through the windows during the night but those same lights on during the day do not show outside.


  1. Place paper horizontally and divide in half
    • Paint the left side of the paper black and the right side of the paper yellow.
    • Let the paint dry while you are working on the next step.
  2. Cut out a house from the white scrap paper.  You may also supply pre-cut triangle and rectangles. 
    • Glue the pieces together to form a house.
    • Cut out a moon and small star shapes for the night sky.
  3. Add details to your house
    • Using a fine tip black marker – draw windows, curtains, door (don’t forget the doorknob) and a chimney. 
    • Make sure that there are windows on both sides of the house. 
      • Windows on the “night” side should show yellow to illustrate light.
      • There should be NO light showing on the “day” side. 
      • If a mistake is made on the “day” side of the house, you should correct the mistake by covering with paint, paper or whiteout – whatever is appropriate.
  4. Color the house.  Bright colored markers work great. You can also use paint or crayons.
  5. Once the paint is dry on your paper, center your house between “night” and “day” and glue firmly in place.
  6. Add two trees, one for each side.
    • Use the same marker (or paint) for each tree. 
    • Notice how one shows up in the daylight and the other is harder to see.
  7. Glue in place the paper stars and moon
    • Add a sun with black marker.
  8. Have the artist sign his/her name to the “day” side.  Recording the date is also a great addition. Remember to stay 1″ away from the edge. 

Age Group

Grades K-2




1 Class Session


  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ white art paper
  • colored markers, crayons or paint
  • fine tip black markers
  • black and yellow paint
  • white scrap paper
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