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Lesson Plans » Rain Forest Animals Lesson Plan

Rain Forest Animals Lesson Plan


Session 1-2

  1. Discuss what a rain forest is.  What animals are found there?  What parts of the world have rain forests?  Show areas on the map where rain forests are located.
  2. Have students choose their animal.
  3.  Demonstrate how to draw several varieties of animals on the chalkboard  suggestion: have several “how to draw animals” books on hand.
  4. Have students draw their animal and background in pencil.  Emphasize filling in the entire sheet of paper with the animal of their choice as the center of interest.
  5. Discuss textures.  What texture will the animal have on their body?
  6. Talk about backgrounds.  What is found in the rain forest?  Suggest adding other small animals in the background.

Session 3-4

  1. Have students start with using paint for any sky, water or background.
  2. Have students outline specific details with a fine point black marker.
  3. Students should sign their masterpiece on the front away from the paper edge.

Enrichment:  Have students do a research project pertaining to the animal they chose to draw.  Have a class discussion about rain forest animals and their habitat.

Shared by:

Margaret Scully – Art Instructor @ Pinehurst, NC

Grade Levels



3-4 classes


  • 8.5″ x 11″ white art paper
  • colored pencils
  • watercolor or tempera paints
  • pencils
  • fine tip black markers
  • examples of rain forest animals
  • books on rain forest animals (Jungle Prints by George Rouault)
  • World Map
  • examples of project
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