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Parent's Page: Welcome!

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We are so pleased you have taken the time to visit our special parent site, and are thrilled you are participating in an Original Works program. 

Our mission is to develop and deliver programs that are easy to use, while creating an experience for you and your child that is fun and memorable.  We look forward to the opportunity to transform your child’s special masterpiece into quality products you will always cherish.

Since you are an important part of the process, we have designed this site with you in mind.  It contains helpful program information, answers to frequently asked questions, a tour of one of our product production processes, and some fun facts that will enable you to become better acquainted with Original Works. 

We hope you enjoy the site, and if there is anything we can do to assist you further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Pricing (with the exception of our Online Program) is sent on a separate letter that you should have received in your packet. If you do not have the pricing, you can contact your school’s program coordinator for a copy.

Prices are not included on our website, as pricing is set at the discretion of each school.  

Yes! We return all artwork to the school after it has been processed. 

Product delivery depends on the schedule set up by the school.  Your Program Coordinator can provide you with information on when they will be sending orders home or scheduling a day for you to pick up the orders at the school.

Although we do our best to ensure all orders are correct, on occasion something happens.  If there is an issue with your order, please contact your schools Program Coordinator ASAP.  They will complete the required paperwork.  If a new product is required, it will be shipped back to the school. (we cannot guarantee ship times on these orders for the holidays) 

We recommend contacting the program coordinator at your school. All monies are collected by the school, so they can best advise you on other forms of payment.

This information is printed on your Dear Family/Pricing letter.  If you no longer have this document, please contact our Customer Service team and they can look this information up.  

cs@originalworks.com or 518-584-9278
Monday – Friday  8:00am – 4:30pm EST

All orders are shipped to the school for distribution.  

Yes. There are a few options.

We suggest that first, you reach out to the school to see if they will be placing an additional order. (please note that shipping for holidays is not guaranteed on additional orders)

If they are not, you can visit our eStore and place a personal order.  (please note that products and pricing can vary from your schools fundraiser)  If you enter the schools name or code in the 2nd line of the address field, the school will still receive credit for your order. 

Only one image can be reproduced on an item. This includes products such as the Grande Mug. All of our packages are also produced with the same image on each of the products.

Yes.  Our 11 oz. & 15 oz. mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Other ceramic products, such as tiles/trivets should be washed by hand using mild soap and water, and should not be microwaved.

We include product care and handling instructions with each order.  You can also download them by clicking on the link below. 

Care Instructions 

A large portion of our products meet the stringent Made In The USA designation.  In addition, 100% of our products undergo final production and assembly in the USA.  


"We are so happy to receive our 5th mug this year from Original Works! We celebrate our daughter's artwork every year in this way (and with a pillowcase and mousepad too)"
@ Colorado


Our First Product

The first product that we offered was the Note card, and it is still in our line today!

# of orders we process in a season

Top Sellers

Mugs & Magnets continue to be our top sellers years after year

Amount of money we've helped schools raise in the last 10 years

Quick Links: Video | FAQ’s | Fun Facts | Follow Us

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