Ms. Isabelle Debrosse Hardesty- Art Teacher Of The Quarter- Winter 2015

Our featured Art Educator is Ms. Isabelle Dedrosse Hardesty  from Pitner Elementary in Georgia. We were able to ask Isabella some questions about herself, her love of teaching art and what she can share with her fellow art educators. Read below to see some of her answers as to what inspires her and what she has learned through the years.

How long have you been teaching art?

I’ve been teaching art since 1998.

What grades do you teach?

I teach kindergarten through fifth grade.

So what was it that sparked your interest in becoming an art educator?

I loved combining my love of art with my love of children. They are our future and I enjoy teaching them about art and creative solutions.

Do you have a particular art medium you like to use in your classroom?

I love having my student paint with tempera paint. The colors are so vivid and students do wonderful with tempera paint.

Having taught for a while now at a variety of grade levels, you must have some interesting stories. Tell us one of the more memorable things that a student has done in one of your classes?

I had a student win a contest in Miami. Part of the contest was to have his art put on a huge billboard. I used to drive by and smile with pride each time I would pass it.

Is there anything you would like to share with your peers?

As the former 2013 – 2014 Cobb County Schools District Excellence In Art Education Elementary School Specialist of the Year, I focus on doing all I can to give the best art education to my students.  In March, I will be presenting at the upcoming NAEA Conference in New Orleans. My presentation is called, “There really IS money out there! Creative Classroom Funding Ideas”.  Hope to see you there!