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Under the Sea


  1. View and discuss the different types of sea life. Look at pictures and examine the different ways fish use colors (camouflage, attractions, etc.).
  2. Create the background for your sea picture.
    • First, lightly pencil sketch the ocean floor onto the bottom fourth of your heavy white paper.
    • Second, fill in the water and sand with watercolor paints. Sponges work best to give the water texture and brushes will make the sea floor appear smooth.
    • Set aside to dry.
  3. Create your sea life
    • Select differently colored construction paper for your sea life.
    • Lightly draw the outline shape of your choice and cut out.
    • Highlight the shapes and their features (gills, eyes, barbs, stingers, etc.) with markers.
  4. Cut out seaweed shapes from the green tissue paper.
    • Stress the importance of using multiple shades.
    • Glue the seaweed onto your dried background.
    • Trim the seaweed so that it fits to the curves of your sea floor.
  5. Lay out your sea life onto the background.
    • Look carefully at placement.
    • Try overlapping pieces to achieve the best effect.
    • Pieces are glued onto the page when you are satisfied with the outcome.
  6. The final step is to sign your masterpiece.
    • Be sure to use a contrasting color and to keep your name at least 1” away from the paper edge.
    • Students should also record their name, grade, teacher and class, in pencil, on the back.

Age Group

Grades 3-5
Adaptable to All Ages




Two, 45 minute sessions


  • white art paper
  • construction paper (multiple colors)
  • green tissue paper (various shades)
  • markers
  • watercolor
  • brushes/sponges
  • scissors
  • glue
  • images of sea creatures
  • images of sea plant life
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