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The Benefits of Fundraising For Your Synagogue

A healthy, well thought-out and well executed fundraiser could do wonders for your synagogue that paid advertisements and marketing could never accomplish. In many cases, fundraising is the key to getting necessary funds for future events and the well being of your community following.

Through fundraising, your synagogue can raise money for things that you would never be able to do otherwise. You can extend your reach to other communities and networks, raise money for congregants with specific needs to show you truly care about them, make additions or upkeep to your building and facility, and share your message with more people through larger events.

Organizing an efficient fundraiser can offer your synagogue more than just a way to bring in extra income, but it can help develop a network of like-minded people, create a place for people to use their skills and knowledge that they may not get in their 9-to-5 job, and give younger students a sense of community.

Parent and adults alone could certainly raise funds for their synagogue, but fundraising activities are very beneficial for young ones and teenagers, giving them a sense of teamwork, responsibility and satisfaction.

Using fundraisers you can have prospect new congregants come in or become interested in your community thanks to the visibility of a well-executed event or benefit. The more you are active in the community and spreading your message and goal, the more chance you have of networking and finding like-minded people who may be interested in helping with the fundraiser or even joining the synagogue.

Fundraising makes for a stronger community because often you will be using local artisans and store keepers. Local community initiatives bond you with local small business owners and other you may not have connected with otherwise. Encouraging the community to band together for a good cause under your benefit means you are viewed as a leader in the community and have the power to connect similar people with similar interests.

The better you can execute a fundraiser, the more and more people will attend and your synagogue congregants will grow exponentially as you invite more and more of your new network into your group. Besides the obvious effect of raising money, you can see here how fundraising is beneficial for all involved, children, adults and soon-to-be friends of the synagogue.