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Creative Collaboration: Uniting for a Cause

Creativity is so important, not just for our youth, but for our society. It allows us to think outside the box and view and solve problems more effectively. At Original Works, we are passionate about creativity, and we believe strongly in using the power of creative collaboration to solve funding problems for school programming and other organizations.

Our art-based fundraising programs allow us to work together with schools and youth groups to encourage creativity in our children, while also raising funds for these important community organizations in an innovative way.

Creative Collaboration

Original Works collaborates with schools, summer camps, church groups and other organizations to add educational programming focused on developing creativity. Children are given the opportunity to create original artwork, which Original Works then reproduces on ceramic mugs, mousepads, magnets, canvas totes and hundreds of other custom fundraising products and gifts. Families, friends and community members then purchase these keepsake items to raise money for the school or organization.

Original Works provides art instructions, free art paper, supplies and access to art idea sheets, as well as all necessary fundraising packets and marketing materials.

Uniting for a Common Cause

Original Works offers a variety of art-based fundraising programs that are easy to set up and administer.

Express Fundraising Program

With our Express Fundraising Program, Fundraising Packets are either sent home for family, friends and community members to place orders for items featuring the child’s artwork, or the artwork is uploaded to the website for online ordering.

Preview Magnet Program

Our Preview Magnet Program allows friends and family to see the quality of the reproduction before making a selection. A custom, full-color 4”x5” magnet is produced for each piece of artwork submitted. The preview magnet can be purchased or returned with no obligation, and/or friends and family may purchase any of the other items offered.

In both programs, Original Works fills the orders and sends a check to your organization. Those who placed orders receive personalized, keepsake items featuring a child’s original artwork to cherish for many years to come.

Let’s Collaborate Through Fundraising, for a Cause

Our art-based fundraising programs help to develop a child’s creativity, while also raising funds for hundreds of schools, summer camps, youth groups and other organizations across the country.

To start a creative collaboration with Original Works, give us a call (518) 584-9278 or contact us online. You can also find more information about our programs in the FAQs or by reading through our customer reviews.

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