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Art Educator Spotlight: Cori Cagle

Original Works has been helping schools across the USA create and implement successful fundraising programs since 1989! With high quality products, superior customer service and attention to detail, Original Works helps dedicated art teachers and school fundraising coordinators like Cori Cagle create and complete successful fundraising programs to raise more money for their schools.

We are delighted to introduce  you to Cori Cagle in this Meet The Fundraising Coordinator post! A few facts about her:

Name: Cori Cagle
Title: Art Teacher
School(s): North Carolina
Experience With Original Works: 1 Year

Q. How long have you been teaching, and what was it that sparked your interest in becoming an art educator?

A. I have been an Art teacher for 22 years; all 22 years have been at Hopewell Elementary. I received a MFA in Painting and Drawing from East Carolina University in 2001. After a year of part time jobs and career contemplation I decided to take a chance on lateral entry into Art Education. It has truly been one of the most rewarding decisions that I have ever made.

Q. In your position, what are some of the biggest challenges you face?

A. Class size has become a challenge at times because it is often difficult to attend to all individual needs and questions in such large numbers. I am blessed to work at a school that provides additional support in certain situations.

Q. What was it that interested you in running an Original Works program?

A.  We had participated in a similar fundraiser in the past and I was looking for similar options. After email correspondence and an extremely cheerful and helpful phone call from Cindi I knew that Original Works was our answer.

Q. What were the greatest benefits the kids received from participating in the program?

A. The kids were so proud of the work that they created. We have several families that might not have room in their budget to participate, but I encouraged the students to try and create an amazing work of art regardless because they would be getting the original returned to them. The students knew that even if their families did not place orders that they had still created a fabulous work of art. I have used several of the originals in art shows around the county and displayed many throughout the school.

Q. Speaking of the kids, tell us about one of your most memorable experiences in the classroom!

A. Each year the seniors from our local High School come back to Hopewell near the end of the school year to walk through the halls and get cheered on by the students and staff. It is always such a wonderful experience for everyone. The seniors love to come back in the art room and sit down and look around and comment on how it feels the same but they have outgrown the chairs. It makes my heart so happy that they have such positive memories from their elementary art experience.

Q. The Original Works programs focus on creativity and self-esteem, while providing a vehicle for raising needed funding.  What will you be doing with the funds you raised from the Original Works program?

A. Every other school year we have a schoolwide Cultural Arts Celebration called Arts Alive. We have close to forty artists, musicians and presenters that are hosted in each of our individual classrooms. We also have a headliner each year for our end of the day school wide performance. We provide a stipend for all the artists that spend the day with our students as well as snacks, gifts and a luncheon. We try to make them feel as welcome and special as we possibly can. The funds raised from our Original Works fundraiser will help us facilitate this rewarding day next school year.

Q. Since art educators from around the country will be reading this post, do you have anything you would like to share with your peers?

A.  Art Education is non-stop, there are days you don’t sit down and days you might feel like a babysitter. The feedback received from parents and students makes all the hard work worth it. Art class is why many kids get excited about coming to school each day. Know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of the kids you work with.

We are thrilled to have Cori Cagle share her time and perspective with us! Lean more about how teachers across the country are using Original Works fundraisers to bring students artwork to life!

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