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Spring Cleaning The Art Room (And How To Organize Kids Art Supplies)

Tips For Clean-Up In The Art Room

For art teachers, art room cleaning is an ongoing process. Whether you are an art teacher, a parent, or a crafter, we’ve found a few great ideas, tips & tricks to help you clean and organize your art room or creative space. In addition, we found some sites that provide some creative uses for those items you may find while doing your post winter break art room or spring cleaning.

Clean Paint Brushes

art room paint brushes

No matter how careful we may be when it comes to cleaning art room supplies, it’s inevitable that over time we have brushes and supplies that may have dried paint on them and are no longer in great condition. It’s important to keep them in tip-top condition (especially if you have purchased art supplies with your Original Works fundraising profits). There are a number of ways to maintain your brushes, as well as return them to their best condition.

For some really great suggestions, Lily Field Life has some great tips on cleaning and restoring your old dried up paint brushes with something as simple as vinegar!

DIY Easy Art Smocks

diy art smocks

The art room is a creativity space, where kids can let their imaginations run free! Fun? Yes. Messy? Also yes! Even though most art room paints are washable, having enough smock to go around is always the best idea. If you or our students parents are going through your closet and throwing out or donating old clothes, consider creating some new artroom smocks. This tutorial provides instructions on how to turn an old t-shirt into an art smock!

Repurpose & Recycle Crayons

Crayons! How many of us have tubs full of stubby or broken crayons? Don’t throw them away – crayons can be reused and repurposed in multiple ways. Check out this post from We Are Teachers and Home & Garden TV for some great crayon recycling ideas.

There are SO many ways to utilize everything in the elementary art room, and art teachers can provide inspiration for organizing art supplies at home as well. We have a Pinterest board full of additional ways to clean and all sorts of organization tips for creative spaces. Follow us on Facebook for more creative tips and ideas.

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