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Custom Valentines Day Gifts Made From Childrens Artwork

7 Valentines Day Drawing Ideas for Gifts from Original Works

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is one that is made with love and that will last a lifetime. For something special, create custom Valentines Day gifts made from children’s artwork to be placed on mugs, tote bags and more. Original Works e-store puts your drawings on all types of products that make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine’s Day Drawing Ideas for Children

If your children need ideas for drawing, have them think of their favorite activity. Depending on their age and the product they choose, they may need a little direction with what to draw. Smaller items might be better for drawings with less detail, while larger products such as t-shirts, pillowcases, wall art and totes would look great with a drawing with tons of detail. Here are 7 Valentines Day Drawing ideas for gifts from original works perfect For parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and extended family!

  1. Family Drawings: A drawing of the entire family would be the perfect drawing for pillowcases, matted prints, t-shirts, mouse pads, place mats and jewelry boxes.
  2. Pets: Love and pets go hand in hand! This Valentine’s Day, let your child create a drawing of a favorite pet for mugs, keychains, note pads, cuff bracelets, purse mirrors and coasters! This is a great gift for grandparents as well, who may have a favorite pet at home.
  3. Custom Valentines Day Gifts Made From Childrens ArtworkTeddy Bears with Hearts: Create a drawing of a favorite teddy bear holding a bouquet of heart balloons with sayings for the gift recipient. This would look great on a tote, t-shirt, mouse pad, coffee mug, travel mug and garden flag.
  4. Roses: A drawing of a bouquet of roses with a Valentine’s Day saying would look great on mugs, magnets, potholders, night lights, ceramic plates, the Quick Note dry erase magnet, fabric coasters, coasters and more.
  5. Love: Draw the word “Love” in fat letters. Make the ‘O’ into a heart. In scrabble style, add “Mom” through “Love,” using the heart-shaped ‘O’ as the ‘O’ in “Mom.” This type of drawing would look great on mugs, ornaments, t-shirts, totes, mouse pads, coasters, and more.
  6. Cupid: Drawings of cupid are perfect for ornaments. Every year, have your child draw a cupid. Place the year or your child’s age under the cupid. By the time your child is older, you’ll have a collection of cupid ornaments to remember every year.
  7. Quotes: Sweet or funny quotes created in custom letters or underneath a drawing can say it all!  Find kid-friendly quotes that you can use – perfect for mugs, notecards or mouse  pads!

Yearly Steps: This idea doesn’t involve a drawing, and is actually for the parents. Every year, take a picture of each one of your children. Place the year or the child’s age under the picture. Put the picture on something you would like to collect each year, such as mugs, coasters or ceramic plates. If you choose ceramic plates, you’ll be able to display them on the wall of your home.

Available Products

Have your child draw a favorite picture, and then pick out a product for the picture. Products available include:

  • Lens cleaning cloth set
  • Brass holiday ornaments
  • Removable wall art
  • Quick Note dry erase magnet
  • Placemats
  • Snowflake ornaments
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Calendar magnets
  • Purse mirrors
  • Wreath ornament
  • Key chain
  • Magnet package
  • Ceramic plates
  • Stainless travel mugs
  • Mugs
  • Office package
  • Writer’s and artist’s package
  • Matted Print
  • Mouse pads
  • Garden flags
  • Night lights
  • Journals
  • Note pads
  • T-shirts (and a V-Neck style)
  • Pillowcases
  • Potholders
  • Grocery totes

And more!

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Custom Valentines Day Gifts made from children’s artwork give big smiles and warm hearts!  For more ideas and to place your order for your special Valentine’s Day gift, visit Original Works E-Store. It’s simple to create great custom gifts…you can just send your children’s drawings by mail or scan and email them to us.

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