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10 Reasons To Choose Original Works For School Fundraising

School Fundraising Programs: 10 Reasons To Choose Original Works


Choose a Leader in Profitable, Easy Fundraisers For Schools!

Looking to make a real difference in your next fundraiser? Interested in trying something fun, creative, educational and profitable? How about an award winning program from Original Works? Since 1989 our fundraising programs have helped thousands of schools and served millions of parents and children…and now we would like the opportunity to serve you.


Here are 10 reasons to choose Original Works fundraising:

  1. Experience: We have been offering creative art based school fundraising programs since 1989.
  2. Results: As the #1 art based fundraising program in the country we deliver results – with profit margins of up to 50%, fast order turnaround and unsurpassed product quality and accuracy.
  3. Passion: We are passionate about helping you capture your child’s joy in creating, and then providing a way to celebrate it with family and friends. It’s why we are the best at what we do.
  4. Support: We are invested in your success and are the only art based fundraising company to combine an extensive outside sales force with a highly trained in-house sales and support team. Our on line Customer Center and electronic program guides ensure you are fully supported every step of the way.
  5. Program Variety: With three award winning programs and others under development, we can create a tailored program solution that suits the needs of your school, parents and students.
  6. Product Choice: We offer over 25 products at varied price points. This broad product selection, combined with attention to quality and value is one of the key reasons schools work with us year after year.
  7. ZIP Process: Our ZIP Process enables your orders to be processed and delivered to your schools in just 12 days. This is the fastest turnaround of any company in the industry.
  8. Universal: Each year schools from Japan to New Jersey and Florida to Alaska take advantage of our programs. Let us apply that experience to your next fundraising program – any where and any time.
  9. Easy: We provide the guidance, materials and program administration necessary to ensure a smooth and successful fundraiser.
  10. Enthusiastic Participation: Last year over 1.6 million students participated, raising nearly $4,500,000 to support various school programs.

And don’t forget…Original Works fundraising programs are no contact programs designed to provide not only easy of implementation and hight profits, but safety as well. Want to learn more? Click on the links below for details on our art based programs for schools like yours:

  • The Original Program – Our first fun and easy fundraising program
  • Tile Walls – Supports the fundraising cause and offers the school the opportunity to promote the cause and student artwork in its halls
  • Online Program – Place orders directly online, no need to handle any money!

If you have any questions now or after you review our school programs, please call us at (800) 421-0020 or send us a note letting us know how we can help you and your school in its fundraising efforts.

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