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Original Works Spring Art Teacher of the Quarter

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” ~Albert Einstein

Last week, we introduced you to Becky Sullivan, a passionate art teacher who sees nearly 810 students a week! This week I wanted to continue with the theme by acquainting you with our Spring 2014 Art Teacher of The Quarter – Ms. Chelsea Rose Jones.

Here is her story:

Chelsea, please tell us a little about yourself.

“My name is Ms. Chelsea Rose Jones and I have been teaching art for 9 years. I currently teach 6th grade Visual Art at Ecker Hill Middle School in Park City, Utah.”

“My interest in becoming an art teacher stemmed from the strong relationships I had with my own art teachers growing up. Both my middle and high school art teachers supported me as a budding artist and inspired my love of the arts. Even now, as an adult I still maintain healthy relationships with these mentor teachers who continue to influence my practices as an art educator. I would also have to say that working as a river guide for several years on the Colorado River helped me to build up my interpersonal and leadership skills, both of which are essential in the teaching profession.”

What is your favorite medium to work with in the classroom?

“My favorite medium to use with my students is black Sharpie markers which I make available every day for sketching and doodling in class. I find that most art students enjoy working with a variety of thick and thin lines in their designs and the Sharpies we use are ideal for this type of exploration.”

Please tell us one of the more memorable things a student has done in one of your classes?

“A memorable thing…Watching a student who previously felt awkward or unaccomplished in the arts produce something that they love and feel good about creates the most powerful memories for me. My most memorable days are the ones when I leave work knowing that the kids had fun, that they are proud of the work that they did and that they were able to express themselves in a creative way.”

If you could share one thing with your peers, what would it be?

“I would like to share that the work we do as art educators is absolutely essential to creating a well-rounded “education” for any student at any age. Art is universal; it transcends language, race and culture. That creative spark is an integral part of being human. Without those of us who continue to teach and inspire a lifelong love of the arts, our schools and students will be in sad shape. Our role as art teachers has never been more important as our planet is facing so many massive problems and so much imbalance. It will only be through creative problem solving that our world will heal and find solutions, and that my friends is our specialty.”

We want to thank Chelsea and all of the art educators out there who do such a tremendous job bringing a sense of creativity and self-esteem to school children throughout the country. Next week we look forward to sharing some great spring projects and Mother’s Day ideas.

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