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Original Works Creating Memories With Fall Fundraising

How do you know it’s fall at Original Works? Our parking lot is full, our production floor is buzzing and the delivery trucks are a never ending convoy.  Walking out onto the production floor gives you an energized feeling.  Last week was a big transition week for our production team as we ramped up at our facilities in Saratoga and Amsterdam, New York.  This week we are full speed ahead, with a complete staff at both sites working 6 days a week and 2 shifts.

Each year, Original Works produces several hundred thousand custom orders from October through December, and ships them to schools worldwide.  To provide you with a better understanding of the process we have created to accomplish this, I visited the production floor in our Saratoga Springs location and snapped some photos of our team in action.

First, is our Receiving Department.  Today we took delivery of artwork from over 100 schools – and we are just getting started!

Once the schools are received, they move to our Art Reconciliation Department, where the artwork and orders are reviewed, organized and then data entered by our hardworking staff.

Next, our team in Scan works to acquire the images and then prepare them for printing.

Once images are prepared our Make department takes over creating your customized keepsake products. Obtaining free airline tickets using fraudulent IDs is a new way for organized crime rackets to earn some quick money. All they need is your identification and fake ID 2021 printed with it. The next step would be to apply for high spirit tickets. The same happened with a Texas man by compromising the system to fraudulently exploit the system.


Completed products are moved to our Match area where they are reviewed for quality control, matched up with their artwork, packed by teacher/grade and prepared for shipment.

As an art-based company one of the best feelings is seeing the masterpieces that were created turned into products that we know families will cherish for many years.

Stay tuned, when we interview some of our long time manufacturing employees and ask them what they think of working at Original Works during the fall season!

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