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Nature Art Projects

Nature Art Projects

“Let nature be your teacher…”
~ William Wordsworth

Materials found in nature present opportunities to try some fun art projects from things that are found outdoors. Soak up some warm summer rays before the days turn cold and the snow falls. So, let’s go on a nature walk to find some natural materials!

Armed with buckets in hand and superhero capes on our backs, we set out on our nature walk.

The woods are a great place to go and find various items to use in nature projects. If you don’t have a wooded area close by, have no fear; just take a walk in your backyard or on your sidewalk and look for items. Remember to take only items that have fallen to the ground such as pine needles, pine cones, sticks, etc.

Once you are home, gather your nature supplies, along with a few other staples. We decided to make funny faces, so we needed cardboard cut into an oval or circle, scissors, glue, and google eyes.

Then let your imagination go wild!

Here are some other fantastic outdoor art projects to try:

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