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5 Most Asked Questions About School Fundraising

Student art and questions about school fundraising

What To Know About Fundraising Companies For Schools

Organizing a school fundraiser can be a daunting task, and online and virtual fundraising requires additional skills and experience in student art fundraising. With the wide variety of fundraising companies and programs out there, it may be hard to determine which program is best for your school’s goals.   Of course, we are sure that Original Works is a proven fundraising company for schools and organizations that will exceed your fundraising expectations! When comparing the various fundraisers available to you, be sure to consider these 5 frequently asked questions:

1. How will the funds be used?

This is an important question to keep in mind when organizing your next school fundraiser. School fundraisers typically revolve around a specific need, like new uniforms for their sports teams, upgrades to the playground, new technology, art supplies, or even building renovations. Being specific about your fundraising goals will not only will parents and community members feel more comfortable participating in a fund raiser, but it will also help you to determine which type of fundraiser best meets your goals.

2. What percentage of purchases goes back to my school?

The percentage your school receives can vary based on the company hosting the fundraiser and the products being sold, so it is important to evaluate this information carefully. Profit margins vary for several reasons including product cost, marketing material costs, and shipping costs. At Original Works, programs are tailored to meet your school’s needs. As such, the profit margin can range from 33-50% per order depending on which fundraising program is chosen.

3. Is there a minimum order?

When shopping around for the right fundraising program for your school it is important to consider any minimum order policies. Some companies may not have any minimum order restrictions, while others may have minimums for certain products or packages. Minimum orders can help to reduce costs and keep fundraising packages affordable. Original Works strives to offer schools low minimum orders that are easy to meet with our various fundraising packages.

4. Are there any additional or hidden costs?

No one likes surprise fees. When comparing school fundraiser options, be sure to ask if there are any sales tax, shipping fees or any other miscellaneous costs not listed in the catalog or pricing structure that the school or a participant in the fundraiser would be expected to pay. If a parent is expected to pay sales tax or shipping on top of the listed product price, be sure to be up front with those fees to prevent any issues down the road.

At Original Works there are no surprises. A representative will connect directly with you to compare our program options and explain any and all costs in order to help you determine the right program for your fundraising needs.

5. When & How Will Orders Be Received?

When organizing a fundraiser, it is important to take note of the turn-around time and method of delivery. In general, a short turn-around time is best. Parents and community members who participate in a fundraiser will not want to wait months to receive their orders. Original Works proudly strives to maintain one of the fastest turn-around times in the business. We ship orders within 10 business days of receipt.

It is also important to note if the fundraiser company will ship the orders to the school for distribution or directly to the purchaser. With our traditional programs, Original Works ships directly to the school. Our newest online and virtual fundraising programs are designed to be fun and flexible whether in school or at home! Original Works makes distribution easy by organizing orders in the way in which they were submitted to us. We recommend that orders be sent to us by grade and then by teacher for the most efficient distribution.

Organizing a fundraiser for your school can be a daunting task.  When researching what fundraising companies for schools are right for your organization, rely on a company that has been supporting schools, churches and communities for over 3 decades. Keep these five questions in mind when comparing the various options available in order to determine which program fits best with your school’s needs. Interested in learning more about Original Works school fundraising programs? Request a Brochure now!

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