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Online Resources for Teachers

Online Resources for Teachers

“A Teacher affects eternity; she can never tell, where her influence stops.”
~ Henry Brooks Adams

Last week we focused on how fundraisers can benefit Elementary schools, and will be featuring more of this in future posts.  This week I thought we would continue the theme by offering a look at some potentially valuable resources for teachers.

Social Media is all we seem to hear about lately, and when used correctly it is a great tool, allowing us to connect with fellow educators, and share ideas.  A site like Pinterest can offer great ideas that can be incorporated in your classroom.  If you are already on Pinterest be sure to follow us, and if you are new to it, check out our boards and see what it’s all about.

Recently we were contacted by Penny Woods from the Penniless Teacher (we love that name!)  Penny was interested in learning more about the Original Works Good Works program that we have been running for the past two years.  In the course of corresponding with Penny, we found her site to be a treasure chest of terrific resources dedicated to “finding Free money for teachers.” The site provides links and information on contests, giveaways, grants and more – all targeted toward teachers.  Penny was kind enough to feature our  Good Works program on her site, so we thought we would return the favor.  Click her button below and check out the site.

Another popular way to share information is through Blogs.  You can find blogs on just about any topic you can think of.  We found this one on 50 ways to integrate art into any lesson to be interesting.  https://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/50-ways-to-integrate-art-into-any-lesson/

Working with art teachers, we are often asked about lesson plans and ideas.  Crayola offers hundreds of plans on their website.

“Google it!”  How many times have we heard that phrase? So we shouldn’t be surprised that Google has an “Art Project.”  This is an interactive site, which allows you to view the art from several famous museums around the world. Feel like taking a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with your students?  The Art Project allows you to do that with just one click

We know that there are so many other resources out there.  We encourage you to explore them and share your favorites with us so that we can incorporate them in future blogs!  If you write a blog of your own related to art or education that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.  Just e-mail or message us.

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