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Original Works Celebrates Halloween with Holiday Fundraising

This week, many will be celebrating Halloween.  Here at Original Works we like to focus on the creative side of Halloween fundraising.  From carving pumpkins and creating that perfect costume, to preparing for our annual Boofet (more on that later in the week), our creativity is in high gear this time of year.

Whether it’s small children tracing the pumpkin face and then watching with anticipation while their parents handle the actual carving, or teens and adults following intricate designs and patterns to make their one of a kind jack-o-lantern, we are never too old for this activity.

Need some inspiration?

Pinterest is a great source of ideas, and we’ve put some of our favorites together for you.  Visit our board and see what will inspire you.  Then be sure to share your finished carvings with us so that we can post them on our Facebook Page!

 Above are some pumpkins created and carved by some of our staff and their families.

Another great way to show off your creativity is with your costume.  Whether you purchase something from the store and add your own personal touch, or create your costume from scratch, have fun with it – the possibilities are endless!  If you don’t have your costume picked out yet, feel free to check out some of these ideas on our Pinterest board.    Following are a few of our art inspired costumes:


As we prepare to celebrate Halloween, we invite you to share your projects and pictures with us.  Post pictures on our Facebook page or email them to us, and we will post them for you.  We can’t wait to see what you came up with.

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