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Original Works Fall Blog #3- Turning Artwork into Keepsake Products

I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.
~ Pablo Picasso

Last week we took a visit to our scan area.  If you missed it, be sure to catch up on everything before reading this week’s post. So far we have seen that the artwork is received, reviewed, scanned and then printed for manufacturing. Today we will explore the production floor; we are now into our peak-production time, so to say it’s a busy place is an understatement.

We have state of the art equipment that not only allows us to produce the highest quality products, but to also have the quickest turnaround in the industry.  Diane Loviza, our VP of Manufacturing, and the team in “Make” take pride in our products, and work hard to ensure that all orders are delivered on time for the holidays.

Since all of the products we offer are custom made, many will require some level of manual assembly.  This is where our team in Make comes in.  Here, staff trims all of the printed images and prepares them for the various stations.  There are teams that work to assemble product pieces, while other teams run our presses, cutters, etc.   Many of the staff have been with us for years, and love being a part of turning your children’s masterpieces into the products you will cherish for years to come.

Nina, who has been with us for 18 years, works in the Make area.  Here she assembles many of our items such as the key chains, ornaments & nightlights.

Above: Nina assembles some of our Art Pendants 

Working as a team, staff will prepare and then transfer the images onto our mugs and water bottles.  If you are out on the floor, and stop by this area, you will be greeted by Ted, who is another Original Works veteran working with us since 1998.

Above: Ron and  Ted work together making ceramic mugs

Over in press, many of our other great products come to life when your child’s art is transferred onto them.  The products you will see here include t-shirts, mouse pads, quilt blocks, pillowcases and decorative flags.

Above: Jeremy & Joe work at our press station 

This year we introduced three exciting new products, including a Ceramic Plate, Magnet Package and Galaxy Cell Phone Covers.  These products have served to strengthen our line and add good variety from both a product and price standpoint.  They join a growing line of popular, quality products that include long standing favorites such as our refrigerator magnet, mugs tiles and mouse pads.

Above: These are our newest products available


 Above: Some of our most popular items 

Once all of these products are made, they are just a step away from being ready to be sent to you!  Next week I’ll being visiting with the staff in our Match & Shipping departments and share with you what takes place in those departments.  Until then, we wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.