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“Art doesn’t have to match the couch”

~ Unknown

In the past few weeks we have highlighted different aspects of Youth Art Month. We discussed the history and offered a few project ideas to help jump start your creativity. By now you hopefully have a growing stack of artistic creations, and you might be wondering how best to display your artwork. This week we want to provide you with some suggestions for storing and displaying artwork in your home. Next week we will do the same thing for the classroom.

It seems that from the time a child is able to fist a crayon, parents are quickly gifted with an excessive amount of artwork. We love it, we cherish it, but what do we do with all of it? Deciding which are worthy of long term storage, and which can take a fateful trip to the trash can is something that every parent must decide. The following is a great idea for easy long term storage:

storing kids artwork idea

Jen from I Heart Organizing uses this fantastic method for long term storage of her boys’ paperwork and artwork. She purchased a file box, placed 13 files inside (1 for each grade), and then puts the artwork she wants to keep inside of the folder for her sons current grade. Quick, easy, and effective!

On a side note, if you want to ensure that the artwork stays as pristine as possible, consider checking into acid-free storage options.

Would you like to get a little more creative with how you display all of that precious artwork? Following are some great ideas for creating displays in your home that allow you to easily rotate out which artwork you choose to put on display:

display kids artwork


The above might quite possibly be one of my favorite ideas for art displays ever. Kristin Karuse hand painted these amazing frames on the walls of her art studio and uses them to frame her favorite artwork. It is such a brilliant idea, that it was even featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Studios Magazine! To see more pictures of Kristin’s space visit her Flickr page by clicking on the link above.

way to display kids artwork


If you want to create something similar to what Kristin painted, but want it a little less permanent, you could create a chalkboard art gallery like Jude from Artful Kids. What a wonderful way to turn a formally unused wall in your home into a beautiful showcase for your child’s artwork!

more ways to display kids art

more ways to display kids art


Last, but certainly not least, if you are like most parents, your refrigerator probably looks like the top image. Amy from Positively Splendid, shows us the before and after of her refrigerator. She took lightweight frames, took the glass out, and glued magnets on the back to create  a wonderful interchangeable and clutter-free gallery on her refrigerator!

We hope that these ideas gave you a little inspiration, but if you are looking for more please visit our new Art Display Ideas for Home and School Pinterest board: https://pinterest.com/originalworks/art-display-ideas-for-home-and-school/

How do you display and store artwork in your home? We would love to hear your ideas, and if you have photos, we would love to pin them to our board!
Carol Newlin