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5 Ways To Create Successful School Fundraisers

5 Ways To Create Successful School Fundraisers

How To Generate Successful School Fundraising

Implementing a successful school fundraising program can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be with these 5 ways to create successful fundraisers! Original Works has been helping schools and other organizations create effective art fundraisers for almost thirty years. That is a lot of years to hone our skills in order to better serve our clients.

Over the years we have noticed trends in some of the most effective fundraisers. Implement these key elements in your next fundraiser to generate successful results.

5 Ways To Create Successful School Fundraisers

1 . Select the Right Fundraising Plan
There are thousands of fundraising options out there. Make sure you select the program that best matches your needs. How to know which one to choose? Be sure to evaluate your resources, budget, and timeframe. You want to evaluate only fundraising programs that are capable of meeting your goals. If you have only a handful of volunteers, a large event-type fundraiser may not be for you. Furthermore, if you need the funds rather quickly, you will need a program with a fast turn-around time.

2. Stand Out!
Are there several schools or organizations near you who fundraise on a regular basis? Take a little time to evaluate which fundraisers they choose to participate in. If everyone seems to be doing wrapping paper fundraisers, stand out and offer the community something with added value. How about innovative, unique gifts made in the USA featuring a child’s original work on it? Breaking from traditions with unique fundraising ideas and products will help to decrease fundraiser fatigue and make it easier to reach your goals.

3. Select a Fundraising Leader
Who do you have organizing the fundraiser? Selecting the right person for this role is crucial. You need someone who is highly organized, capable of setting realistic goals, and able to efficiently manage people. In addition, your fundraising leader should be the point of contact and work closely with your fundraising specialist to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

4. Motivate Participants
Everyone needs some kind of motivation in order to achieve their best. There are many ways to keep students and parents motivated throughout the fundraiser:

  • Try offering special rewards to those that sell the most. Or offer prizes for those that reach various sales levels, with the best prize at the highest sale level.
  • You can also entice participants with a party at the end of the fundraiser if the goal is reached.
  • If you are unsure of what incentive to implement, get feedback from your participants. After all, you want to make sure it piques their interest.

5. Follow Up
Once your fundraiser ends, it is important to  follow up with all participants to gauge not only their success, but their experience. For instance:

  • Did they find the process easy?
  • Was it hard to get sales?
  • Most importantly, did they have fun?

Also follow up with those who supported the fundraising efforts by making a contribution. Was the product what they expected? Did it arrive on time? Be sure to evaluate the positive and negative feedback in order to improve upon your next fundraiser.

Generating successful fundraisers requires proper planning and motivation. If you are ready to make your next program a success, request a brochure now to learn more about Original Works school fundraising programs. But this is more reminiscent of the popular games and not what is mentioned above.

More ideas for successful school fundraising:

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