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Best Ways to Spend Your Fundraising Profits

Many of the parent teacher organizations and schools that come to us for our fundraising programs do so because they need to raise money for a specific purchase. However, several of the schools we work with have chosen Original Works simply because it helps foster student creativity and build self-esteem. Since it also produces robust sales for the school, we are frequently asked, “What should we buy with the funds?”

To help you decide the best way to spend your art fundraising profits, we polled the elementary schools and middle schools that we’ve worked with in the past to create this list of popular fundraising purchases.

Best Fundraising Purchases

Not sure how to spend all the money you’ve raised? That’s a problem that most of us would like to have! Here are some great ideas from schools that have partnered with Original Works for their fundraising efforts.

  • School Trips – Whether it’s visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia or the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, our fundraising programs have helped many schools secure the funds for fun and educational trips to cities across the US.
  • Athletic Equipment – Booster clubs frequently use fundraising profits to support the school’s athletic department and replace old or outdated sports equipment. Perhaps your school needs new team uniforms, protective pads and helmets or more baseball gloves.
  • Music & Art Supplies – With many school districts facing budget cuts, the arts are often the first to suffer. Consider purchasing musical instruments or help fund a photography lab. One school we worked with used their fundraising profits to purchase clay ovens.
  • Classroom Technology – Students can easily fall behind without access to technology, and yet many schools struggle to afford it. School fundraisers can help raise the money needed to build a computer lab, purchase tablets or outfit every classroom with a digital whiteboard.
  • Library Books – Schools simply cannot afford to purchase new library books every year, so many PTOs use their fundraising profits to replace worn books and buy both educational and recreational reading material for the school classrooms and library.
  • Much More – The best way to spend your art fundraising profits is ultimately up to you and what your school needs most. The possibilities are truly endless! So get creative, or poll the students and faculty for ideas. Either way, we’d love to hear how you spend your fundraising profits. Contact us and help us add to the list!

What have you found to be the best way to spend your fundraising profits? 

At Original Works, our goal is to help schools and other organizations have the most fun and make the most profits for their art fundraising efforts. Our Unique and proven fundraising programs are backed by decades of experience in successful fundraising programs. Ask for our free brochure, or call 1-800-421-0020 for more information. 

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