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Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas

VALENTINE’S DAY FUNDRAISING IDEASA Valentine’s Day Fundraiser is a classic opportunity to showcase your child’s artwork. Schools notoriously use Valentine’s Day for special art projects. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of creating a masterpiece with hearts, lace, red markers, candy and so much more! The anticipation of handing out the final craft was almost as good as the work itself. Why not take those precious crafts and make them into a lasting memory by putting them on one of our fundraiser products?

Honestly, we can’t think of a better fundraiser project than a valentine! Click here for Valentine’s Day ideas that translate well onto our products.

Everybody loves Valentine’s Day. Everybody expects a small token from the children in their lives.

A valentine says:

  • I love you
  • Thank you
  • You are special

Need some inspiration?

Try using the heart shape creatively by making a mouse body with half a heart, making a butterfly from two hearts, making a caterpillar with a series of hearts, use a heart for the face of an owl.

Learn more about our Valentine’s Day fundraising ideas for your school by calling us toll-free at 518-584-9278.

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