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10 Fun & Educational Online Summer Learning Programs

At Original Works, we know a bit about engaging kids with art-centered activities and lesson plans! Fortunately, during this time there are a lot of high quality, engaging and free online learning programs that parents can access as well.  These are designed to engage, educate and entertain kids during the long upcoming summer months.

Create A Summer Learning Plan

Summer usually means freedom…a time when kids can wind down from their school schedules and enjoy some time off.  This year, a consistent but flexible schedule can be super important to keep kids engaged, interested, and on track.

Just as adults do, kids benefit from structure. Create a loose schedule – or a few of them – that help to provide a plan for each day, and share it with your child.  Even if you plan out 2 or 3 days per week, including regular activities such as online learning or play, library visits (when possible), shopping trips, etc. Schedule out times for meals and free time. This schedule by ChildrensMD.org is one example of how you can help your child maintain a routine.

10 Fun & Educational Online Summer Learning Programs

  1. The Cat In The Hat Invents let’s your kids explore the world of STEM learning.  Preschool app  teaches ways to overcome engineering challenges to customize their very own robot!
  2. National Geographic Kids Find tons of things to do, explore, learn! Cool crafts, animals, ideas for things to do, this well keep kids busy for hours!
  3. Prodigy Math Fun and motivating math games, puzzles and practice for kids from grades 1-8. Free, easy to access, and curriculum-aligned.
  4. Mystery Science Find science lessons for grades K-5. Super popular science lessons that are fun and educational. Easy activities to do at home.
  5. Quizlet Learning at home can be a challenge…flashcards can help! Several topics and subjects to choose from make learning easy and goal-oriented!
  6. Brainpop This animated educational site foffers movies, quizzes and materials for kids in several subject. Watch, learn, and explore tons of different topics, from arts and artists (Elvis, anyone?) to space (space flight, planets, astronauts!)
  7. Scratch From Lifelong Kindergarten and the MIT Media Lab, this free tool lets kids program their own interactive stories, games and animations.
  8. Ted Talks Challenging, entertaining and educational talks for high schoolers covering a host of topics encourages listening, critical thinking skills
  9. Wow In The World  Explore the world with your kids, learning about things that are happening around us that are cool, curious, and interesting!
  10. DIY.org Tons of projects with step-by-step videos, fun for all ages! Kids can earn badges as they complete different skill levels. Sign up for a free account to check it out.

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