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Blog » Skills Unlocked: How to Promote Children’s Creativity Through Art

Skills Unlocked: How to Promote Children’s Creativity Through Art

Programs To Enhance Creativity Through Art

Since 1986, Original Works has been encouraging ways to promote children’s creativity through art based fundraising programs that are fun and easy to implement.

When people think of creativity, it is often associated with artistic abilities that come easier to a select few. The truth? Creativity is actually present in all of us – and is particularly present and ready to be explored and celebrated in children.  Creativity in children fosters the ability to generate ideas and boosts resourcefulness in limited situations. Just like any skill, creativity can be improved with proper guidance and encouragement. One of the best ways to increase children’s creativity is through art.

Art In The Classroom & At Home

Art in the classroom teaches children to think outside the box – art activities at home can do the same. Participating in art activities allows kids and teenagers to use their creativity without restraint. When asked to express certain concepts in the way they interpret it, it is up to them to use their creativity to fill in the gaps of what they know. It enables them to look beyond what is expected, primarily when taught how to appreciate the concepts of art itself. This becomes useful when they are tasked to come up with new and innovative ideas.

  • Original Works Fundraising programs provide support for teachers in both art rooms and classrooms to help students experience the joy of sharing their art.

Art Mediums & Creativity

Teaching different art mediums gives students opportunities to explore their way of expression. As the arts itself is dynamic in nature, giving children an introduction to the world of possibilities lets them know that there are different outlets to use their energy. Children that find themselves drawn to music, painting, dance, and movement, or many others, can use them as an avenue to enhance their expression. Much like any other skill, creativity must be exercised in order to improve continually. And if children develop an interest in what they do, it widens the potential for growth in this skill.

  • Creativity in the classroom Using Original Works fundraising programs result in producing a tangible, memorable product. Even for children who may struggle to show their creativity, our programs give them an outlet that produces positive results.

Limiting Limitations

Allowing children to create individual art projects lets them exercise their imaginative thinking. While imagination may sometimes be perceived as a trait that children will outgrow, it is, in fact, vital that it stays intact. Much like thinking outside the box, imagination can help children grow beyond perceived limitations. Imagination also allows children to see things through different perspectives. To paraphrase physicist Albert Einstein, knowledge is only limited to what we know and understand. Imagination, on the other hand, pushes boundaries to what is possible and have yet to understand.

  • The collaborative efforts undergone in a school classroom, art room or even at home can give kids the chance to see creativity through someone else’s eyes. Not only is the end product something they are proud of, but they have the opportunity to share their work in innovative ways.

Why Choose Original Works for Creative Fundraising?

Parents and teachers nurture children’s creativity. It is this skill that can push the future forward by introducing the world to innovative thinkers and creators. Learning from the arts not only enhances this trait in children, it also gives them an outlet to exercise their freedom of expression and create something they are genuinely proud of.  Original Works has been promoting children’s creativity since 1986, with school fundraising programs that are easy to use, fun, and profitable. Parents all over the country have our products bearing children’s artwork that they will treasure for years to come.

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