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Art Educator Spotlight: Cheryl Alexander

Original Works has been helping schools across the USA create and implement successful fundraising programs since 1989! High quality products and attention to detail helps dedicated art teachers and school fundraising coordinators like Cheryl execute a fun and successful program to raise more money for their school.

Meet The Fundraising Coordinator:

Name: Cheryl Alexander
Title: Program Coordinator
School(s): Daly School & Washington School
Experience With Original Works: 18 years and counting!

Q. How long have you been volunteering to run the Original Works program at your school?

A. I have been doing Original Works for 18 seasons!  Time sure does fly by when you are having fun!

Q. What was it that interested you in running an Original Works program?

A. In the beginning, I assisted in processing the order forms.  One thing led to another, you know how it is when someone volunteers – Lol!  From then on I was hooked!  It is such an easy program!  The products are outstanding!  The parents look forward to them every year.  You can look at your students’ artwork forever!

Q.  In your position as School Fundraising Coordinator, what are some of the biggest challenges you face? 

 A. I think it is probably getting all of the order forms turned in to me on a timely basis.  There is always someone who needed more time and missed the deadline.

Q.  What do you see as some of the greatest benefits the children receive from participating in the program?

A. How their faces light up when they see their finished product.  I love those smiles!  Also how quickly the profits add up for the schools, so that the students can have more opportunities and tools.

Q.  Do you have any particularly memorable experiences you would like to share with others about running the Original Works Program? 

A. I think the most memorable moment was when a parent wanted to order several coffee mugs as a Christmas gift – one for each family member.  It was created from  artwork that her daughter, who had passed away, had made in kindergarten.

Q. The Original Works programs focus on creativity and self-esteem, while providing a vehicle for raising needed funds.  What will your school be doing with the funds you raised from the Original Works program?

A. Wherever the extra funds are needed, mostly field trips.

Q. Do you have anything you would like to share with current Program Coordinators or with others who are considering coordinating an Original Works program?

A. Many teachers have done this project for art class.  I love to see the products when they are delivered!  It is like Christmas time!  Original works is an awesome company to work with.  They make everything super easy for you to run this program.

Thank you to school fundraising coordinator Cheryl Alexander for sharing her time and perspective in our Art Educator Spotlight! It is our privilege to connect with the art teachers, coordinators and staff who take the time to create successful Original Works programs for their students! If you are a teacher, staff, or parent who wants to increase fundraising profits for your school, call us today at 800-421-0020, or get our free program brochure today.

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