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Blog » An Open Letter to Carol & Ted Newlin on Boss’s Day 2022

An Open Letter to Carol & Ted Newlin on Boss’s Day 2022

Dear Carol & Ted:

Although today is Boss’s Day, to us that title isn’t quite fitting for either of you.


Because quite simply, you treat everyone who works here more like family than like employees. It starts with the personal one-on-one interactions you have with all of us. Whether it is someone’s first day, or his or her 25th year, you make everyone feel welcome and valued.

It extends to the way you choose to participate in the overall operation of the business. Rather than play the role of micro-manager, you instead take the approach of choosing the correct people, placing them in the right positions, and encouraging them to work together to develop the best solutions. Moreover, when it comes to working together, you are always right there with us, working shoulder to shoulder during our peak times to ensure our deliveries are on time.

Don’t get us wrong. Just like any family, we encounter our share of challenges, make mistakes and have our disagreements, but even then, you are always there with good advice, a steady hand, and a measured tone to guide us through the process.

Of course, it’s not just your acute understanding of how to develop and grow a successful small business that stands out to us.

It is also how you demonstrate the important role we all play in achieving that success. You accomplish that through public and private employee recognition, special occasions (pizza days, the annual Halloween Boofet, our Holiday luncheon), and many other things, known and unknown, that make working here extra special.

Carol and Ted, over the last 33 years you have built more than just another small business. You have created an environment that makes you want to come and stay. Therefore, while we celebrate both of you on Boss’s Day, we also hope you recognize that you are more than just our bosses. Rather, the two of you are the heart, soul, and fabric of Original Works.

Thank you for all you do!

~ Your Original Works Family

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