Christmas Fundraising

We know you’ve seen it all when it comes to fundraising possibilities around the Christmas holiday season:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Flavored popcorn
  • Small, holiday-themed trinkets
  • Christmas cards
  • And on and on and on
So boring! And pretty much meaningless to the people your students will present the Christmas fundraiser catalogs to.

But what if your students could present their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends with a catalog filled with calendars, coffee mugs, mouse pads, photo frames, t-shirts, book bags, and so on that have a piece of artwork created by the student upon them?

Now THAT would be different, wouldn’t it? And pretty much hard to turn down!

Picture it yourself: your son or daughter (or grandchild) paints something and that something is displayed on a magnet. Wouldn’t you want to buy that magnet? Or t-shirt? Or coffee mug? How could you turn it down?

Our Products make great gifts! 

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Original works offers over 30 keepsake products, that are perfect for Christmas presents.  Parents, and grandparent will cherish the gift with their child’s artwork for many years.

That’s how irresistible Original Works’ holiday and Christmas fundraising programs can be for your school.

Your students create a piece of art (it can be holiday themed). Your teachers package the art in our return packets. The artwork can be placed on the aforementioned magnets, mouse pads, etc. and your students’ family members choose to place the artwork on the item of their choice via a catalog or they can also view different items online. The family members order the items (all orders are submitted at the same time) and your school receives 33 percent of the proceeds.

Your students’ works of art make great Christmas gifts for family members while the fundraiser becomes a great gift to your school.

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