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Fun December Facts & Trivia

December is the first month of winter and is filled with holidays! Here are fun facts and trivia that will help make your December exciting!

Basic December Facts:

  • Name: The word “Decem” is Latin for tenth. The month of December was originally 10th in the Roman Calendar until January and February were added.
  • December has 31 days and is the 12th month of the year.
  • Birthstone: Turquoise, zircon, or tanzanite.
  • Flower: Holly or Narcissus
  • Zodiac signs: Capricorn or Sagittarius

December Trivia

  • The first day of Winter usually lands on December 21 or 22.
  • December 4th is National Cookie Day, but cotton candy, pie, brownies, and cupcakes are also celebrated during December.
  • Many people take vacation days around the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve.
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, December is similar to June in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • On December 1, 1990, Engineers digging a railway tunnel located under the English Channel broke through the last rock layer allowing England to connect to mainland Europe for the first time since the Ice age.

Holidays Celebrated in December

  • Hanukkah
  • Pearl Harbor Day
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day
  • Kwanzaa
  • Human Rights Month
  • Read a New Book Month
  • New Year’s Eve

Celebrities Born in December

December 1 – Actress Zoe Kravitz
December 2 – Pop Icon Britney Spears
December 4 – Hip-hop legend Jay-Z
December 13 – Singer Taylor Swift
December 17 – Actor Eugene Levy
December 18 – Singer Christina Aguilera
December 21 – Samuel L. Jackson
December 25 – Singer Jimmy Buffett
December 28 – Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington
December 30 – Golf legend Tiger Woods

Original Works December Fact:

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