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Let’s Make 2018 Our Best Year Yet!

To Our Wonderful Customers:

As we turn the page on another successful year, I am once again renewed with a sense of optimism. Our company is based on the belief that ‘children will always be creative,’ and it is up to parents, friends, teachers, and other adults in their lives to encourage, cherish, and admire this creativity.

This year I was overjoyed at the sight of all the photos of coffee mugs, key chains, coasters, and the other wonderful pieces of art you shared with all of us. Without you sharing your little artists’ creations, our community would not exist!

I want to thank all of you, parents and teachers alike, for cherishing and admiring the creativity your little ones displayed this year.

Here is to happy and Healthy 2018!

Yours Truly,

Carol Newlin, Founder and President of Original Works

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